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No, Memphis fans you are not dreaming. Our Memphis Grizzlies are NUMBER ONE in the NBA and in the POWER RANKINGS! The official power rankings were released today and ESPN’s Marc Stein writes:

“We haven’t seen a team mow through three straight opponents sporting winning percentages of .750 or better, as the Memphis Grizzlies just did, since the opening month of the 2000-01 season. And we’ve never seen the Grizzlies sporting the league’s best record this deep into an NBA season. Two big reasons why you suddenly see the Grizzlies atop’s weekly NBA Power Rankings. The Grizz were already off to a fine start, but consecutive wins last week on the road in Oklahoma City and at home against New York — after the previous Sunday’s dismantling of Miami — ensured that Memphis made the four-spot jump from No. 5 to No. 1. The Knicks retained the No. 2 slot largely on the strength of their big comeback at San Antonio when the Spurs were still carrying the No. 1 overall ranking. San Antonio and Miami, meanwhile, are down to No. 4 and No. 5, respectively, thanks not only to Memphis’ jump but the rise of the surging Los Angeles Clippers to No. 3. (The Grizzlies, for the record, are the first team since Cleveland in November 2000 to beat three straight .750-or-better teams, according to the Elias Sports Bureau.)”

Can we just take it all in for a moment? Not only are the Memphis Grizzlies No. 1, but what they have done so far this season hasn’t been done by an NBA team in TWELVE YEARS. I hear a lot of the “Chill out, Grizz fans. It’s only the beginning of the season.” talk on Twitter, and the truth is, it IS only the beginning which makes it even more exciting! The Grizzlies still have almost an entire season ahead of them to prove even further, that this isn’t a fluke. Did the haters forget that we don’t bluff? The Grizzlies are at the top, and we intend to stay there as long as possible.


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2 Responses to We’re #1! We’re #1! We’re #1!

  1. Chris FaulknerNo Gravatar says:

    So freakin awesome!

  2. Stevie DanzigerNo Gravatar says:

    “Did the haters forget that we don’t bluff? ”

    Love it. Let the haters hate… I like flying under the radar.

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