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I’ll now go on the record (as if anyone cares) as saying that the fine levied against the Spurs was a bunch of baloney.

Coach Pop’s astute maneuver in sending home his heavy hitters after a wearying stretch came to fruition this game.

This game evoked some pleasant memories of Fratello-era Spurs/Grizzlies matchups. Yes, I said “pleasant”-I used to LOVE those 84-82 slugfest/borefest/defensefest games.

This was a tremendous early-season  game for several reasons, except that one…

Such a good game, except for THE GRIZZLIES THROWING AWAY A DOUBLE-DIGIT FOURTH-QUARTER LEAD. Of course, the Grizzlies could not really be blamed for running out of gas completely, playing against a fully-rested, always-lethal crew of Spurs starters. As it happens many times in the playoffs, the principal horses are the ones who win or lose…and that sort of happened this game…except the Grizzlies bench once again managed to disappoint. 8 for 28 just ain’t gonna cut it, although the Spurs’ bench went only 11-29, not exactly a stellar shooting performance.

One would suppose that the Grizzlies, and Marc Gasol in particular, should take it as an honor that Tim Duncan took that first half so personally..except that he’s still completely awesome at pretty much every aspect of basketball, and he’s the last guy you want taking it personally. Interesting, it was, to see that after hitting 21 in the first half, he was held to only six over the rest of the game and overtime…but guess what? The Spurs hit some threes after TD quieted down, showing that they still have championship mettle and makeup. They’d be glad to execute you by any method you choose.

The Spurs’ defense pushed ZBo off his spots and out of his rhythm *just enough* to irritate him into a poor 5-21 shooting night, although he still managed to dig 17 points and 15 boards out of what was a clogged lane all night. Conley made every effort to play the hero once again, hitting a three to make it 79-72 after the Spurs had closed it, and another huge one in OT…but it was easy to see that by OT, the Griz were flying on fumes.

Can’t win ’em all….just gotta make sure to win at least two of the remaining games against SAS, those games could turn HUGE at the end of the season…


I will not speak of the officiating.

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16 Responses to Tired Grizzlies Take Spurs to OT

  1. KyleNo Gravatar says:

    Officiating was sub par, that is all

  2. JoeNo Gravatar says:

    The Spurs needed to give their starters extended rest and piss off the NBA, lean on poor officiating and still barely beat a Grizzly team playing the second half of a back to back. Can’t wait to kick their ass in the Forum…

  3. SmittyNo Gravatar says:

    I’ll speak on the officiating. They cost us the game late with the blatant missed calls.

  4. Chris FaulknerNo Gravatar says:

    Refs blew the game. Simple as that. Some games are viewed through fan-coated glasses as far as officiating goes … this is not one of those circumstances. They blew 2 huge calls back-to-back on the same sequence. Neither calls should have been even difficult to make.

  5. Stevie DanzigerNo Gravatar says:

    I’m going to take the alternative stance here. The zebras could have been way better tonight, but we weren’t without our chances to win the game. We had multiple opportunities to put this one away and didn’t capitalize.

    • Lee Eric SmithNo Gravatar says:

      To which I’ll only add: How many more times do you think ZBo blows that many layups at the rim? He finished with 17 points on 5-21 shooting! FIVE FOR 21. Granted they harassed the heck out of him, but he still blew WAY too many chippies….

  6. CarlCRNo Gravatar says:

    The Grizzlies will lose games, of course, but considering we didn’t have Tony Allen for this one, the Grizzlies played well. A healthy TA stops some of the Spurs execution and maybe a Parker or Ginobili or basket or two.

    Nice well played and hard played game by the Grizzlies. We will get them at FEF.

  7. boNo Gravatar says:

    the most amazing think was that TIMMIE actually raised his hand when he was called for a foul……..
    must have been the first foul of his career……….

    • rhenley42No Gravatar says:

      Yeah, I saw that too. Still trying to find my jaw after it bounced on the floor.

    • crysNo Gravatar says:

      You only see him play a few times a year. As a Spur fan I see him play nearly 100 times a year, maybe even more. He does that very often. It’s just that most NBA players have a different idea of what a foul should be. If he doesn’t feel it was, he gives “the stare”. Otherwise he will raise his hand and acknowledge it. Another thing is, in the heat of the game you can foul a guy lightly and not even feel it.

    • new_skool91No Gravatar says:

      I saw that too and was pretty amazed. LOL.

  8. new_skool91No Gravatar says:

    In the end, the outcome is all that really matters, but with that type of effort from our guys on a consistent basis, we will win way more than we lose, regardless of the schedule and regardless of who we are playing.

    FWIW as well, I understood Stern’s fine on the Spurs. It may have been a bad schedule on the part of the NBA, but at the end of the day it the NBA that pays these guys to come to work. Don’t come to work and you don’t need to get get paid. It’s that simple. Rather than trying to get the fine reversed, if Pop is a man of principle, he should voluntarily rebate the League back the salaries of the players who didn’t earn their paychecks that game. IMO that would show up Stern more than whining about being punished for making a bad business decision for the League. NBA is a product that only has value if it is able to be sold; scrubs vs. stars is not a very compelling product and even though Pop made the right basketball decision, he needs to understand the implications of the business side of his job and be willing to pay the price for his principled stance. This is not about “sticking it to the man,” it’s about not biting the hand that feeds you.

  9. htownse1No Gravatar says:

    I think blaming ther refs is a cop out. The Grizz did not executed down the stretch in the 4th which blew a double-digit lead. Anyone who watched the game knows that it should not have even gone to OT. I’m sure Hollins chewed them out long enough so that shouldn’t happen again.

  10. htownse1No Gravatar says:

    the*, execute*

  11. DavidNo Gravatar says:

    Did you watch that game? I didn’t since I was at work but the Spurs almost beat Miami without their big 3 superstars. Miami won that game in the final 23 seconds. People that weren’t at work that are NBA fans were watching the game. People that heard about what happened earlier were watching the game when they say how close it was.

    The NBA still got their money’s worth even without the Spurs’ big 3. Besides, on the ticket it just lists the team. It doesn’t guarantee that you are going to see the superstars.

  12. DavidNo Gravatar says:

    I agree. The couple bad calls at the end didn’t help, but the refs weren’t the ones who gave up a double digit lead.

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