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First off, as one of the most diehard Prince fans ever (I stuck with the guy after Lovesexy through the “Slave on the Face” thing), I am delighted to be able to use that headline up there. But this post isn’t about the Artist Formerly Known as Prince. It’s about the Prince formerly known as Piston. As in Tayshaun Prince, one of three players brought in on the Rudy Gay trade.

Tayshaun came off the bench in the first quarter and gave the Grizzlies 7-11 shooting en route to 14 points, 3 assists, a block and a rebound. My hunch is that Tayshaun will impact games in ways that don’t show up on stat sheets. When he jumped up to enter the game, the crowd gave him a standing ovation, then another one when he entered the game. Davis and Daye got a little burn too.

After the game, I made sure to go talk to all three of the new guys. Check it out!

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