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From now until the 2014 NBA Draft, I will take a look at previous drafts and re-draft where I think the top 14 players would land if the draft were done over based on how the players careers actually turned out. I will also re-evaluate the Grizz selection for that year and do so “what-ifs” considering they made another selection. My selections are based strictly on my opinion and also are not considering team needs at the time. Today’s edition will be from the 2002 NBA Draft.  The Grizzlies had yet another lottery selection this season at number 4, that we used to draft Drew Gooden.


2002 Lottery Actual Selections

  1. Yao Ming – Houston Rockets
  2. Jay Williams – Chicago Bulls
  3. Mike Dunleavy – Golden St Warriors
  4. Drew Gooden – Memphis Grizzlies
  5. Nikoloz Tskitishvili – Denver Nuggets
  6. Dejuan Wagner – Cleveland Cavaliers
  7. Nene – New York Knicks
  8. Chris Wilcox – Los Angeles Clippers
  9. Amare Stoudemire – Phoenix Suns
  10. Caron Butler – Miami Heat
  11. Jared Jeffries – Washington Wizards
  12. Melvin Ely – Los Angeles Clippers
  13. Marcus Haislip – Milwaukee Bucks
  14. Fred Jones – Indiana Pacers


2002 Lottery Re-Draft Selections


  1. Amare Stoudemire (9) – Houston Rockets
  2. Carlos Boozer (35) – Chicago Bulls
  3. Nene (7) – Golden St Warriors
  4. Caron Butler (10) – Memphis Grizzlies
  5. Tayshaun Prince (23) – Denver Nuggets
  6. Luis Scola (56) – Cleveland Cavaliers
  7. Yao Ming (1) – New York Knicks
  8. Matt Barnes (46) – Los Angeles Clippers
  9. Mike Dunleavy (3) – Phoenix Suns
  10. Udonis Haslem (FA) – Miami Heat
  11. Drew Gooden (4) – Washington Wizards
  12. Reggie Evans (FA) – Los Angeles Clippers
  13. Jared Jeffries (11) – Milwaukee Bucks
  14. Dan Gadzuric (34) – Indiana Pacers


Overview:  First of all re-drafting a draft lottery shouldn’t be this cumbersome.  Many people say that the 2000 NBA Draft was the worst ever, and that may be true but the 2002 draft may very well be the most disappointing.  Yao Ming, although he was an all star, had a injury shorten season that landed him in the middle in my book.  The fact that the last two picks would have been Jared Jeffries and Dan Gadzuric, who probably could’ve been replaced by players like Juan Carlos Navarro and Nenad Krstic, both who played most of their career in Europe.  Indiana and Milwaukee may have been better off, forfeiting their pick like the Minnesota Timberwolves were forced to do that season.  This re-draft includes 7 players that were originally drafted outside of the lottery (which is half), 4 second-round picks and 2 undrafted players.  Dejuan Wagner and Jay Williams had both tragic and unfortunate situations that ended their respective careers, while Nikoloz Tskitishvili, was a bust to say the least.  The Clippers who had 2 lottery picks landed Melvin Ely and Chris Wilcox as if just one overweight power forward wasn’t enough.




Grizz Pick:  Thinking back to 2002, My personal favorites at the number 4 pick were Mike Dunleavy, Drew Gooden and Caron Butler.  I remember being excited about Gooden, and even remember people saying that he could play some SF, but I also remember his erratic and head scratching play that made James Johnson look like Mr. Fundamentals.  It’s amazing how he was able to one time pull off a 360 fadeway jumpshot. (yes that really happened) In hindsight, its easy to say that Drew Gooden couldn’t realistically be what the Grizzlies needed and we shouldn’t have drafted him, especially since we already had Pau Gasol at PF, but hey at least we got Mike Miller out of the deal, as the Grizzlies traded Gooden early in the season to the Orlando Magic.


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