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From now until the 2014 NBA Draft, I will take a look at previous drafts and re-draft where I think the top 14 players would land if the draft were done over based on how the players careers actually turned out. I will also re-evaluate the Grizz selection for that year and do so “what-ifs” considering they made another selection. My selections are based strictly on my opinion and also are not considering team needs at the time. Today’s edition will be from the Memphis Grizzlies inaugural season, the 2001 NBA Draft – the draft that landed us Pau Gasol and Shane Battier.


2001 Lottery Actual Selections


  1. Kwame Brown – Washington Wizards
  2. Tyson Chandler – Los Angeles Clippers
  3. Pau Gasol – Memphis Grizzlies
  4. Eddy Curry – Chicago Bulls
  5. Jason Richardson – Golden St. Warriors
  6. Shane Battier – Memphis Grizzlies
  7. Eddie Griffin – New Jersey Nets
  8. Sagana Diop – Cleveland Cavs
  9. Rodney White – Detroit Pistons
  10. Joe Johnson – Boston Celtics
  11. Kedrick Brown – Boston Celtics
  12. Vladimir Radmanovic – Seattle Sonics
  13. Richard Jefferson – Houston Rockets
  14. Troy Murphy – Golden St Warriors


2001 Lottery Re-Draft Selections


  1. Tony Parker (28) – Washington Wizards
  2. Pau Gasol (3)– Los Angeles Clippers
  3. Zach Randolph (19)– Memphis Grizzlies
  4. Gilbert Arenas (31)– Chicago Bulls
  5. Joe Johnson (10)– Golden St Warriors
  6. Tyson Chandler (1)– Memphis Grizzlies
  7. Gerald Wallace (25)– New Jersey Nets
  8. Jason Richardson (5)– Cleveland Cavs
  9. Shane Battier (6) – Detroit Pistons
  10. Richard Jefferson (13)– Boston Celtics
  11. Samual Dalembert (26)– Boston Celtics
  12. Eddy Curry (4) – Seattle Sonics
  13. Mehmet Okur (38)– Houston Rockets
  14. Vladimir Radmonovic (12) –  Golden St Warriors


Overview: Being that Tony Parker was originally drafted at 28th, the Spurs in hindsight made a brilliant pick with the last pick of the 1st round. This would be one of many outstanding selections to come from the Spurs of course, as they build for multiple title runs during this decade. This draft also had two 2nd rounders to crack my top 14, and 6 players that were drafted outside of the lottery.  Imagine Shane Battier playing as the home town favorite in Detroit, or Gilbert Arenas best years being as a Bull playing alongside Pau Gasol, assuming the draft day trade that landed Chicago the 2nd and 4th pick still went down.  Also of note is how the number one pick Kwame Brown would not even have been a lottery pick in my opinion based on his career.


Screen Shot 2014-05-18 at 7.47.59 PM


Grizz Picks: In reality the Grizz drafted the rookie of the year, two time NBA champion and one of the best post scorers of the past 10 years in Pau Gasol and one of the most beloved Grizz of all time in Shane Battier.  It would be interesting to say the least to have had Zach Randolph here as a rookie, paired with a former defensive player of the year Tyson Chandler. Imagine the seasons (after Zbo matured off the court and after Chandler began to progress) when both were in their primes and having a bully low post scorer paired with an athletic low post defender and shot blocker.


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