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Once more, was well represented at Grizzlies Media Day 2012. Me and one of our newest interns, Larry Aaron from Rust College were at FedExForum, talking to players and coaches about what to expect this upcoming season — one of the most highly anticipated seasons, given that this team is almost universally viewed as the deepest Grizzlies team to ever suit up in Vancouver OR Memphis.

One advantage I think we have is that unlike your main news outlets, we can give you more than just a 20 second sound byte. Over the course of preseason, we’re going to hit you with lots of cool video from Media Day — like how Darrell Arthur is taking his latest injury; why Mike Conley has a Bible verse tattooed on his arm; and some straight talk from Lionel Hollins about why some players don’t stick in the NBA.

But first: Everyone knows that if the Grizzlies plan to make a deep run next spring, they’re going to need the 2011 version of Zach Randolph, not the Z-Bo Lite version from the 2012 Clippers series. You’ll be excited to know that Zach is feeling like his old self again and in this extended clip (about 9 minutes), he talks about his recovery from injury, why he’ll be playing with a chip on his shoulder and how he expects Jerryd Bayless & Wayne Ellington to make teams pay if they pack the paint on him and Marc Gasol. Check it out!

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2 Responses to Media Day 2012: What Zach Said

  1. ccNo Gravatar says:

    thanks Lee…great to hear Z-Bo man open up…GRIZZ gonna go get ’em this year.
    Pundits predictions have them lower than Nuggies AND Flop City,while at the same time saying the G’s are a dangerous team: that is enought to put a chip on the whole team’s shoulders I hope!

  2. Steve DanzigerNo Gravatar says:

    Lee, this stuff is great, man. We don’t get this kind of look into the Grizzlies very often. Zach looks ready to rock and roll this year, and with 6 assists last game, it looks like he’s trying to expand on the things he can do on the court. Man, I’m excited for the season.

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