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Well, hopefully this will shut down this “Trade Mayo” rumor mill for a while.

Josh McRoberts has signed a two year deal with the Lakers. 

Not much else to say. As for bolstering the front line, my vote is to withdraw the qualifying offer for Haddadi, sign one or two of the veteran bigs on our training camp roster (Mikki Moore, Brian Skinner) to a cheap, short deal. Then get ready to GRIND. Later on this year, after OJ is averaging 18 ppg off the bench, we can breathe a collective sigh that yet again, we didn’t trade him.

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  1. JBLNo Gravatar says:

    I believe that Haddadi can become a very servicable back up to Gasol if given the oppurtunity. He looks akward, but he has some un-teachables like size, soft hands, soft touch on his shot, and is rather agile for his size. That’s a lot more than Thabust had… He definately needs to work on his spacing and awareness, but those are easy to teach.

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