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Some more news to follow last night’s excitement about Marc Gasol re-signing with the team.

Via the Commercial Appeal:

Memphis Grizzlies management informed guard O.J. Mayo this morning that he would not be traded for the foreseeable future.

In other words, he’s not being traded to the Indiana Pacers, which means that Tony Allen can rest easy after last night’s Twitter confusion. The follow-up to Chris Wallace declining the Pacers’ offer of Josh McRoberts and Brandon Rush was that McRoberts signed a contract with the Lakers. So, rest easy Grizzlies’ faithful — you won’t have to watch the former Duke product sitting on the bench this year. I’ve honestly never seen so much griping about a bench player since….the last time the Grizzlies tried to trade for him. So, we should expect to see O.J. on the roster for most of the season, at the very least.

From the same article, Ron Tillery reports that Xavier Henry tore ligaments in his right ankle at practice yesterday and is expected to miss up to a month. This is bad news — although not nearly as bad as it could have been if the Mayo-for-McRoberts trade had gone through. Hopefully, X will make a speedy recovery and get a chance to showcase his talents this season.

Our final piece of news that is that Grizzlies issued a press release that there will be a major announcement made at a press conference tomorrow afternoon at 3 PM. No further details yet, but at least it sounds interesting. Let the rumors start flying!

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9 Responses to Mayo Stays, Henry Out of Commission

  1. JoffoNo Gravatar says:

    Devistated to hear about X, im really excited to see him play this season. That stretch where he was starting vs elite guards like kobe, wade and i think monta ellis holding them to 38 or so % from the field was great. Once he finds his range he will be a great asset i think

  2. Joe SmithNo Gravatar says:

    Love OJ, we should never consider trading him. He gives us the ability to stretch the floor…that is key when you run a big tandem like the Grizz do. As for the announcement tomorrow, I’m hoping the rumors are true. Troy Murphy is signing a deal. A center that can give Gasol rest, but plays different than Gasol is going to help confuse the defenses. There are still two players unsigned that I’m hoping the Grizz grab, Peja and Sasha. Two 3-Ball threats from the bench. That’s what we need.

  3. Joel B.No Gravatar says:

    at this point i am assuming that the “Big Announcement” was that the Grizz re-signed Marc to a 4 year 58mil$ contract?

  4. HAYNIENo Gravatar says:


  5. new_skool91No Gravatar says:

    Why is reporting on ankle sprains so gruesome nowadays? Every sprain involves ligament tears to varying degrees; Grade I is mild, Grade II is moderate and Grade III is severe. I guess since we simply live in the Age of Information and information is generally on overload. Basically this would have been reported as a “moderate ankle sprain” a few years back. I can’t see why X shouldn’t make a full recovery; the current recommendations on recovery extended are a result of research on how to maximize long term prognosis in these types of injuries (i.e. how to get max return on investment of millions). This could be an injury that, in a star player in a critical playoff situation, he could just tape it up and keep playing depending on the degree of stability.

    • Joel B.No Gravatar says:

      If he is expected to be out a month, I bet it is a grade 2 as you put it. A mild sprain is something that will be fine after a week 1/2 to two weeks of rest and elevation. a month i believe is for a more severe sprain and or tear. I have suffered all three degrees, and 1 is nothing to worry about, the second is painful for a bit, and the third i was off my feet for over a month and a half. so hopefully we will see him back sooner rather then later

  6. KD LegendNo Gravatar says:

    I never thought really highly of Xavier before, as he was supposed to be a really good shooter but looked no better at shooting than Sam Young or Tony Allen. Now you have to wonder if he is injury prone.

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