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Here at Buffalo Wild Wings on Poplar & Highland…Me, Chip…a few more Griz/3SOB faithful!

Barring a trade, Griz don’t pick until 25…but who needs an excuse for beer & wings? Get on down here!!!


Chip Crain, Andrew Berry & Josh “Red” Coleman at the 3SOB draft get together! Matt Noe showed up a little later and . . . well, I had to hold the camera . . .

Update: Right around 9 p.m., the Grizzlies selected Tony Wroten with the 25th pick. Several of our guys saw that coming.I was gonna post a video with knee-jerk reactions of our team of experts. Instead, it just made more sense to go with audio. Click on this link below, and you’ll hear the quick read from Josh “Red” Coleman, Chip Crain, Matthew Noe, and the rookie: our intern Andrew Berry — the only one to have a dissenting opinion. Oh, and for those looking for my draft insight . . . well, I’m totally not a draft/college bball geek. David Stern calls Tony Wroten’s name, I see it on the screen and I’m thinking, “I can’t believe that didn’t spellcheck that . . .”

3 Shades of Blue Bloggers Quick Reax to Grizzlies Selecting Tony Wroten with 25th pick in 2012 NBA Draft

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3 Responses to Live at Draft Party! (With Audio)

  1. JoffoNo Gravatar says:

    Pretty upset with a team looking to draft for talent not need, and we dont take PJIII at 25

    • ReginaldNo Gravatar says:

      Joffo, they drafted need and not talent right there. PJ3 is probably top 5 talented player in the draft. He has a motor issue though. Going to OKC may bring the best outta PJ3 and that will cause some major issues for the league.

  2. RfoxNo Gravatar says:

    I’m just looking forward to a season of losing in the 2nd round of the playoffs or maybe .. just maybe .. losing in the conference finals if everything go perfectly

    It’s better than the way it used to be for the Grizz.

    Not really sure adding a backup point-guard that can’t shoot is a potential game changer (at least in a good way).

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