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Q: With all of the injuries going on with this team what is your role going to be with this team? What do the coaches want your role to be?
Leuer: Stay ready. Obviously we got to guys banged up. Be able to play some large cases of extended period of time other guys can hopefully be back sooner. Just a matter of being ready whenever you’re called and coming in and contribute but I feel like I can do that.

Q: Is there a fatigue problem with this team? Coach Joerger says he wants more energy and joy from this team.
Leuer: Yeah when numbers are down it can be tough. You got to exert a little more energy. We’re fighting every possession and giving everything we have. We got to keep continuing to do that for 48 minutes. We can’t just be in spurts we have to put a whole 48 minutes in to it and be consistent.

Q: What is the team preparing for Orlando tonight?
Leuer: They’re a good team. They have some players that can really cause some problems. We got to get back defensively and not give up anything easy in transition and take things away from the rim. Close out some of their shooters.

Q: You’ve become a fan favorite here lately how do you feel about that?
Leuer: We have great fans. To get to play in front of them is a great opportunity and a privilege. They support us no matter what and it’s good to have fans like that.

Q: The fans have been working on a nickname for you. Have you checked any of them out on social media?
Leuer: I’ve heard a couple of them.

Q: Jonathan May prefers Johnny Badger?
Leuer: Johnny Badger. That works.

Q: Whitesnake?
Leuer: I’ve heard that one too. I don’t who came up with that one but I’ve heard it.

That would be Josh Coleman who came up with Whitesnake.

Q: JL30?
Leuer: Yeah somewhat like my twitter handle @Jleu30.

Q: Any of those work for you?
Leuer: Hey whatever people feel I’m not gonna have a self-proclaimed nickname. If something comes up that’s cool if not I’m not gonna be too worried about it.

The Memphis Grizzlies will face the Orlando Magic tonight at 7 PM at FedEx Forum. Tickets still available at or call 888-HOOP.

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