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For any Grizzlies super fan, this time of year can be less than thrilling. We still have several months before our beloved blue-collar boys take the court together again, and it’s easy to get restless. So as fans we wait anxiously for any morsel of Grizzlies news that might come across our radar. One of the more exciting morsels being the announcement of the Memphis Grizzlies schedule for the upcoming season.

The planning of an NBA schedule is no easy feat. If you are interested in learning more about how the entire NBA schedule is coordinated, we recommend you check out Kevin Arnovitz’s (TrueHoop/ESPN) interview with Matt Winick – the ONE guy who does it all.

The scheduling of games and opponents is extremely important to an NBA team. And just like every other NBA team, the Grizzlies have their own wish list of things they desire as well as a list of potential conflicts that they try to avoid. For instance, in the past the Grizzlies have requested to play fewer home games on Sunday afternoons and Wednesday nights to avoid a conflict with local church services. And although that is not necessarily something they do anymore, it still gives you an idea of how much thought and preparation the Grizzlies put into getting the best schedule possible.

3SOB always strives to bring Grizz fans the most accurate info out there at the time of our posts. That being said, here is what we’ve been told about the upcoming announcement of the Grizzlies 2013-2014 NBA schedule:

A source told us that the Grizzlies were set to announce the new schedule Wednesday or Thursday of this week but also said there’s a possibility that may have changed to accommodate the NBA’s 2013-2014 scheduling special on NBA TV. That NBA TV special is set to air Tuesday, Aug, 6 at 5:00 PM CST. (The show will be re-aired a couple of times afterwards if you miss the original airing.) In recent years, the NBA has turned the scheduling announcement into more of an event where analysis (and money) can be made. So what we know at this time is that the details surrounding the announcement still seem to be up in the air.

The source also told 3SOB that the Grizzlies will NOT open up at home and that the Grizzlies first home game is slated for November 1st. There are so many reasons why this tidbit alone is ridiculous, but we’ll save that rant for another post. As for which team the Grizzlies will be playing, that’s something that is still being kept under wraps at this time.

As with any information given by NBA sources, we advise you take this with a grain of salt and understand that things could change before the official announcement. We will do our best to keep you updated on any further information that may be leaked or announced over the next few days.

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