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Well, (insert long national nightmare joke here). Not “real” NBA ball yet, but it’s a start.

A few no-names,  one BIG name finally back in action , and some NBA BASKETBALL. Glorious, glorious, NBA basketball.

A game of no significance, but still a game. How’d our Griz look out of the delayed gate?First off-Josh Davis. Last preseason, it was not hard to be reminded of Brian Cardinal watching this guy play. Spends equal time on the floor and on his feet when the situation requires it, and uses his hustle up every single night. Talent..well….uh…ok. But heart and hustle? ALL OVER THE PLACE.

Ok. Rest of the team. Whether the injuries held out players due to preseason prudence or true inability to go, one must hope that the turning of ankles has already maxed out (a recently relevant term for the Griz, eh?). No Sam Young, Marc Gasol, DA, or Conley.

Basic G/B/U:

Good: Pargo. One must wonder if the Griz had this guy in mind all along while he was playing in Israel. All-Euroleague second team. Toughness, and some good shooting, albeit against scrubs. Vasquez should worry, and yes, I know that we’re basing this on one meaningless game (although 6 ast in 9 min ain’t so shabby). TA! His contract may provide one of the top values for the $ in the entire league. A decent return for Gay, also, but I’d hope that he keeps his foot off the gas a bit to fully return himself and his shoulder to game shape. Nine blocks for the Griz defense…

Bad: …but only 4 steals. It likely won’t happen that the entire league will totally change scheme to adapt to the remarkable ability to pilfer the ball that the Griz showed last season, but Memphis will have to redouble its efforts on the defensive end to keep last season’s pace.

Also, the Griz lost. Sure, the game counts for zilch-but it’s never good to lose no matter the circumstance.

The ugly? Sorry, OJ, 7 turnovers gets you to the top of the ugly list. Get the preseason jitters out now, man, ‘cuz with Henry looking like parts of him may be made of glass, the team will likely need you to produce at a high level throughout the season.

Grains of salt utilized by all, we hope, except for one important guy……

..Chip ran into Heisley in the elevator after the game, and he was HOT that the team lost. “Why play the game if we’re not gonna play the players?”.

Competitive spirit, top to bottom. We saw that from the Griz last season, and we’ll all hope we do so again…

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    So, am I able to post comments on this site about the Grizzlies yet, or is the captcha still so broken that humans like me can’t post yet spambots CAN post? That made no damn sense!!! If the captcha doesn’t work, don’t use it!

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