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On Saturday, the Grizzlies took on the Summer League squad of the New York Knicks. As with most games one might view involving NBA players (and hopefuls) that transpires in July or August, it was not exactly the best NBA ball one might ever witness, but it did reveal a thing or two about the guys the Griz have chosen to play in Vegas this year.

Thing one-My suspicion that Wroten was brought in to be the team’s next Tony Allen grows stronger by the minute, and there may actually come a time when I’m not ABSOLUTELY DISTRAUGHT that the Grizzlies have lost TA, should that sad day ever come. He’s taller and longer than TA, and if he’s able to spend enough time around the team’s perimeter defensive stalwart (at least until February, I’ll bet), he could learn how to use his tools better. Notice, Wroten’s 19/8/6 line does not merit first mention-‘cuz it’s a summer league line-but the edge to his game and the physical talent he possesses give one hope that he could at least be a viable, perhaps even important member of the Grizzlies going forward. I’m not quite ready to change my mind about his shot mechanics (and won’t be until he fixes that foot position as he prepares to lift), but he definitely fits the “if this guy can harness the energy” mold perfectly.

Thing two-Josh Selby will be improved, but we needn’t put much stock in this game’s results and/or stats. The three pointer will always be a “keep ’em honest” weapon for Selby as opposed to a “go-to” move, and that’s ok-just gotta keep working on that handle.

Thing three-leading from the first two items, it would stand to reason that Selby and Wroten would stand out among the Grizzlies’ summer league crowd, as they are the most talented of the bunch, and Selby has actually had a fair (albeit limited) bit of exposure to real big-boy NBA competition. Leading to the fourth point…

Thing four-I really wanted to like Courtney Sims as a real fifth-big prospect for the Griz, but he didn’t show a lot of motor. He’s actually played in a fair number of NBA games, as he was a Pacer for a good stretch, but in the finest “HEY LET’S OVERREACT TO ONE SUMMER LEAGUE GAME!” fashion, I think Haddadi may be a better option.

One interesting thing about summer league-there will be a massive swing in minutes given, to allow all the players an opportunity to shine and earn at least a training-camp look from the Griz or some other team, so we’ll get to see more of the guys over the next week. I think I wanna see more of this Dion Thompson cat.

Isn’t it so nice to just *have* a summer league regarding which we can all overreact and freak out??

How u?

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2 Responses to GRIZZ ARE GONNA BE CHAMPS! Well, they won a SL game anyway.

  1. Chris FaulknerNo Gravatar says:

    Tony Wroten is definitely a baller. I’ll have to postpone any other commentary until I see them play another SL game because the Knicks have one of the worst SL squads out there.

  2. StevedNo Gravatar says:

    Cunningham is the 5th big yeah? Is Hamed on the radar with the Grizz or any other NBA team?

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