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Both ESPN and The Commerical Appeal’s Ron Tillery are reporting that the Grizzlies have agreed to a trade that would send Rudy Gay and Hamed Haddadi to Toronto, bringing back Ed Davis and a second round pick. The Grizzlies would also acquire Jose Calderon from Toronto, then ship him to a third team to acquire a small forward — either Tayshaun Prince or Corey Maggette from Detroit, or Vince Carter from Dallas.

Immediate reax: OUCH. Yeah, I get it . . . save money, flexibility, yadda, yadda. Still, I’d like to have seen this team hit its stride in the spring and storm into the playoffs. But . . . I’m also excited about a Tayshaun Prince or Vince Carter coming to Memphis. Yeah they’re older, but they play a different style than Rudy and could improve outside shooting. I know next to nothing about Ed Davis. And also gone is fan favorite Hamed Haddadi. I have to believe that Hollinger has looked at advanced stats that show what incoming veteran small forwards would bring to the table. But still . . .

Stay tuned . . . More coming . . .

UPDATE: 5:10 PM: Tillery & ESPN’s Marc Stein tweeting that Memphis will get Ed Davis, Tayshaun Prince, Austin Daye & a second round pick.

REAX: If that’s true, the Grizz have gotten quite a haul for Rudy and Haddadi. On paper, the Grizzlies have reloaded quite nicely on the fly, adding young talent, a draft pick and championship experience to the roster.

UPDATE: 5:30 PM: Meet the new guys. Click the links to see stats for incoming players on the Rudy Gay trade.

Ed Davis:

Ed Davis is horrible from the free throw line, but should help on the boards. My hunch is that he’ll mostly be on the bench, behind Zach, Darrell, & Daye.

Austin Daye:

Looks like Daye will help replace some of what the team lost in shipping out Mo Speights and now Haddadi. Of particular note: He’s drastically improved his 3 point shooting this season, at 52.5 percent. If that holds true, he gives the Grizz not just 3 pt shooting, but also a “stretch four” type player, which is not something the team has really had under Lionel Hollins.

Tayshaun Prince:

On paper, nothing really jumps out at you about Tayshaun Prince. He is a solid defender, good for about 12 points a game. But ooohhh . . . there’s all that playoff experience, including four straight trips to the Eastern Conference Finals and a title run in 2004 over the star studded Lakers. I’m sure this Grizz squad will remind him of that hard working, blue collar, underdog team and he knows a thing or two about deep playoff runs (though not recently).

UPDATE: 5:40 p.m.: Grizzlies Players Tweets:

Mike Conley ‏@mconley11Wow

Tony Allen ‏@aa000G9 naaaaawwww b

Tony Wroten ‏@TWroten_LOE WoW. I’m speechless.

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5 Responses to Breaking: Rudy Gay To Toronto

  1. grizzdocNo Gravatar says:

    So we are essentially no longer contenders.

    Thanks for the vote of no confidence, Grizz front office. So when they give up on the season, do fans like us get refunds on the money we shelled out to all of these future games?! How many of these players will we have tomorrow in OKC?

    I fear that this is the beginning of the end. Call me a pessimist, but we really got stiffed in this deal. Watch Rudy tear up the league from here on out.

    • Chip CrainNo Gravatar says:

      This sounds exactly like people’s comments after Mayo was released but the Grizzlies are winning more games than ever before and the Mavs are out of the playoffs right now.

      Rudy Gay has a ton of talent but honestly he hasn’t played like it this season. Perhaps Tayshaun Prince and Ed Davis will provide what Rudy and Mo Speights hadn’t this season.

  2. chriskf1No Gravatar says:

    I don’t really have a problem with this trade by itself. But the Cleveland salary dump is now completely indefensible. No matter what statements smooth-talking Griz President Jerry Maguire makes in the coming days, you’ll never convince me that the Calderon/Davis offer wasn’t available 2 weeks ago.

    My guess: the Griz did the Cleveland dump to eliminate the (appearance of) urgerncy in an attempt to get TOR to sweeten the offer (Ross) or to drum up offers from others. When those (decent) offers didn’t come and TOR didn’t budge, Griz blinked, and then they accepted the original offer that was always on the table — not even holding out for getting a 1st rounder back.

    Either trade is/was unfortunate but understandable on their own. But in tandem? Shades of Robert Sarver and the Maloofs…

  3. Lee Eric SmithNo Gravatar says:

    Well, here’s a hidden benefit of this trade:

    Two new players on the Grizz roster are restricted free agents, Jon Leuer & Austin Daye. If the Grizzlies withdraw their qualifying offers, it frees up more than $5 million . . . which could be used to resign one Tony Allen.

    Grizz fans we should have learned this after the Pau Trade: Flexibility is a GOOD thing. . . .

  4. JeremiahNo Gravatar says:

    Wow,, did not expect this move to happen until the end of the season. I hate to see it have to happen before Gay had a final chance at the championship with the Grizz. All in all its not a bad trade and gives us more depth for a playoff run and better chance of resigning Allen after the season. Good luck Gay and Haddidi!!!

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