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Since we’re back in Phoenix tonight, we here at 3 Shades of Blue thought that it would be of interest to talk to some Suns’ bloggers about their team, our team, and everything in between. So, here is what fellow TrueHoop Network blog, Valley of the Suns had to say about things.

1) I have to ask this, the first time the Grizzlies and Suns played the fans in Memphis felt it was a phantom foul when Conley was whistled for stealing the ball at the end of the game. What are your thoughts about that call?

It did indeed look like a phantom call, but I always believe those things even out over the course of a game and if not certainly over the course of the season. It is unfortunate when the winning points are scored from the line on a shaky call.

2) Hakim Warrick was extremely popular when he played for Memphis. What do the Suns fans think of him?

They don’t think much of him. I think we all know what he is: a lethal scorer in the pick-and-roll game but not much else. To start the year he was the team’s main bench scorer but now he barely plays. Nobody seems too upset about that.

3) The Suns are only a couple of bad bounces away from .500 this season. How have they been so successful?

It’s funny you say that because it doesn’t feel like they’ve been successful at all. They were seven games under .500 not too long ago and then won five of six before falling to OKC to make their record more respectable. Lately, the defense has been much better, but the biggest reason overall is Steve Nash. I shudder to think where this team might be without him. He every bit deserved that All-Star spot despite the team’s record.

4) Marc Gasol made the All-Star game this season. Doesn’t that make Marcin Gortat the best center not to make the game in the league?

It really does. Gortat has solidified himself as a borderline All-Star with some superb play after a broken thumb slowed him down early. He averaged 17.2 and 11.0 in February and is already at 19.3 and 12.0 in March. The one knock on him is that Nash creates so much of his offense, but the flip side is that he’s an excellent finisher who works really well with the two-time MVP. There’s no way the Suns were going to get two All-Stars this year, but Gortat is certainly right there as the best center not to make it.

5) The Suns have played OKC and Dallas in their last two games and after the Grizz game, they play Minnesota, Utah and the Clippers. Is this the most important stretch of games for Phoenix this season?

I would say it is because the Suns don’t have much time to decide if they want to blow things up. They right now are in the middle of a stretch in which they play 12 of 14 in downtown Phoenix. If they can continue at the pace of the first six games (winning five of six) then they are knocking on the door of the playoffs. If they don’t get it done now, they won’t have a chance against a brutal April slate.

6) Does Phoenix’s performance over this stretch determine if a deal gets done before the deadline?

I almost feel like their performance over the past few weeks already determined that. Sure, a smallish Robin Lopez trade could happen regardless of how they play, but I’m talking about the deal everybody in the nation wants to happen: dealing Steve Nash. The team has publicly insisted it won’t trade him unless he asks for one, and he has always reiterated he wouldn’t ask for one, but I’ve always felt if the Suns’ season completely fell apart there could be some movement from those stances. With Phoenix finally starting to play well now on top of everything that’s been said, I can’t imagine a Nash deal getting done.

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  1. Chris FaulknerNo Gravatar says:

    I really want the Grizz to come away with this one.

    I’d also love for Rudy to carry over his play from last game. That’s the Rudy we need to see from here on out.

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