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With today being April Fool’s Day, I have decided to make this edition of Noise From The Sain Asylum in honor of some of the various moments of fan uproar, faux rumors and ridiculous conspiracy theories that we here in Grizz Nation have heard over the past year or so since Robert Pera and Jason Levien took over the organization.  Some will make you laugh and some you may have forgotten about but hopefully you wont be the one that still holds your stance thinking that they are true.  Well here goes…Lets get to the conspiring!

Robert Pera Bought The Team With An Ultimate Agenda To Move The Team To San Jose

As soon as rumors emerged that internet mogul Robert Pera was going to purchase the Grizzlies, there was murmuring that the San Jose based millionaire had evil intentions of moving the team to his back yard.  This was quickly dissolved when Pera and company actually bolstered the agreement between the city and the organization that ends in 2021 by increasing penalties and adding a right of first refusal to the local owners that previously didn’t exist which basically guaranteed the team to be here for 15 years after he purchased it.  Odd move for someone who wants to move the team, being that if that was his goal he would have left the lease as is.

Grizz Training Camp In Nashville?  We Must Be Moving To Nashville Soon

This summer when the Grizz announced that training camp was going to be in Nashville, fans immediately started to panic with thoughts that the team would be moving closer East as opposed to out west in San Jose.  The recent color scheme rumor that mirrors local Vanderbilt University didn’t do much to swelter this flame either.  But the lease agreement hasn’t changed people and even though Nashville is just up the road its still not happening.

Speaking Of Potential Color Scheme Changing…

No comment.

Star Players Were Paid Extra To Fake Injuries And Sit Out Games To Lose On Purpose

When fans weren’t pleased with Joerger’s early coaching ability and injuries started to mount, of course there were those who believed that the players were given secret bonuses to miss games and give Joerger an excuse for a bad 1st season.  Yeah that really happened.  People really said that.

Tony Allen Was Never Hurt But Joerger Was Instructed By Levien To Not Play Him So “His Guy” Courtney Lee Could Get The Playing Time

Yeah so these are about to get worse and this one is easily one of the most ridiculous.  Its no secret about the history that CEO Jason Levien and Courtney share but to think that he would pull a Vince McMahon and have Tony Allen buried on the bench to get Lee minutes in pretty far out there.  I did see TA with an electric collar around his neck though for a few games.  I guess that was for if he tried to check himself in.

The Front Office Is Racist

I won’t even go here with this one.  Our city as a whole needs to mature and stop using the race card for everything.  This rumor lead to embarrassingly uncomfortable radio segments, disgusting comments on social media and just a ton of drama throughout Grizz Nation.  Why can’t we all just get along?  The only “us” and “them” in this city needs to be Grizz fans vs The Paper Clips, The Spurs, the Lakers, the Thunder etc.

Seth Curry Should’ve Been Our Backup Point Guard and We Should’ve Gotten Ridden Of Calathes

Seth Curry.  I so wish that this kids name was Jon Smith, simply because of his name and family association, people in Grizz Nation gave this kid way more credit than he ever earned.  An undrafted, undersized shooter that has shown no other NBA skill, literally had a cult following here and almost lead to a revolt from the fanbase calling for Joerger’s head.  Curry played all of 4 mins for the Grizz and has not been signed by anyone else while Calathes has had a fantastic season that could possibly land him on one of the post-season all rookie teams.

Joerger Was Instructed Not To Play James Johnson to Make His Value As A Free Agent Decrease So That We Can Sign Him For A Cheaper Price

Any rumor that starts off with “Joerger was instructed by the FO” already starts off ridiculous being that he, as well as Hollins had control to do as they wish as coaches without FO interference but I’m also waiting for someone to tell me how if you feel like you are getting an unfair shake from a team that that would also in turn make you want to resign with them for cheaper than you wanted to?  Why wouldn’t you just go sign with another team?

The Players Miss Lionel Hollins And Personally Don’t Like Dave Joerger

After Coach Lionel Hollins was not retained as head coach people started to say things like the front office fired him against the will and desires of the players.  I won’t go far into that, but I also know that to be false.  It’s odd that players that fans assumed that would have the roughest time adjusting to Joerger like Mike Conley, had his best season this year.  I also don’t recall any subtle or open comments about Hollins leaving at all from players in interviews or social media.  When Pondextor had his outburst I also recall the issue being resolved by the players in Joerger’s defense.  That’s odd for a guy that they all don’t like as their coach.

Robert Pera Can Put Wifi In The Deserts of the Sudan But GrizzFi Will Never Work

Ok. That one is probably true.


Well here is my completed list of Grizz Conspiracies.  If you guys can think of one that I missed please comment below or share them with me on twitter @SainAsylum.  Happy April Fools Day and beware of the bogus Grizz stories from Ron Tillerie, 3Shades Of Bleu and Commershal Appeal.







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