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As has become a tradition at 3 Shades of Blue we are providing our readers with a diverse and hopefully informative breakdown of the pre-season predictions of teams in and outside of the ESPN TrueHoop Network. Jeff Clark of Celtics Blog has been polite of enough to spearhead this effort for everyone and has arranged the format for each preview so people can compare the opinions on an apples to apples basis.

We are starting with the Atlantic Division. We are placing the teams alphabetically and not in any predictive order of finish. TrueHoop blogs will be in bold print but that is not an indication of anything more than our affiliation with the Network as the best commentary may be found on an out of network site. We hope you enjoy this.

The list of previews of the Atlantic Division that we have for now are:

1) Boston Celtics
Celtics Hub– A Member of the TrueHoop Network
Celtics Blog -SB Nation
Celtics Central

Celtics 24/7
Gino’s Jungle
SB Nation Boston

New York Knicks –
KnickerBlogger – A member of the TrueHoop Network
Poasting and Toasting – SB Nation
Bandwagon Knick

New Jersey Nets –
Nets Are Scorching – A member of the TrueHoop Network

Nets Daily -SB Nation

Toronto Raptors –
Raptors Republic – A member of the TrueHoop Network
Raptors HQ -SB Nation
Hoops Addict
Hip Hoop Junkies
SB Nation Recap

Philadelphia 76ers –
– Philadunkia –
A member of the TrueHoop Network
Liberty Ballers – SB Nation

As you can see some teams are better represented than others. If you find a preview you would like included in the list please feel free to make a comment at the bottom and we will add the link as fast as possible.

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