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With the Grizzlies visiting Los Angeles for a set of back-to-back games against both residents of the Staples Center, we thought that we should talk with a blogger following the beneficiaries of the infamous Pau Gasol trade, the Los Angeles Lakers, in the form of Don from our fellow Bloguin site With Malice. You can see our answers to his questions right here.


3 Shades of Blue: Andrew Bynum has succumbed to injury…again. The injury occurred against the Memphis Grizzlies….again. Do you feel that the Boys from Beale Street are his own personal brand of Kryptonite? Also, what do you make of the assertions from George Karl that the Lakers are actually better without the young big man?

With Malice: Heh… let’s just say that I won’t be surprised if Andrew Bynum comes down with a very mild – and sudden – case of influenza next time they play at Memphis.
Karl’s ridiculous… but kinda right. They’re better because they’ve stepped up – and that wouldn’t have happened if it weren’t for the injury to Bynum. Gasol/Odom found themselves in the same situation that they were nary a year ago, and have been determined not to let the same jibes stick. The take on the two of them has been that they’ve had the skills, but not the heart. They’ve both played (and done so against Boston) with an intensity that you wouldn’t have thought possible. Bynum will be back this time, and LA will be even stronger.
3 Shades of Blue: Although Lakers fans are concentrating on the postseason ahead, most of the fans here in Memphis are already eyeing the offseason. The Lakers have a few free agents on the roster, but nobody has heard anything about what their plans are regarding them yet. Obviously, the postseason could affect which ones are targeted to retain and which aren’t, but what is your feeling about them at this present time?
With Malice: I think LA will pretty much keep their entire roster, and the cutting of salary (Radmanovic/Mihm) was all about that. Ariza/Odom are key… Brown may stay (he’s pretty athletic and plays big). Come end of next season, LA’s human victory cigar – Adam Morrison – will be history.
3 Shades of Blue: Admit it…you’re starting to miss Chris Mihm already, aren’t you?
With Malice: Who?

3 Shades of Blue: TheLakers are coming off back-to-back road losses to Denver and Phoenix. Are they just tired, as some reports have suggested, or do you see something more problematic going on with the team?

With Malice: Tired. That’s all. They’ve lost a sum total of 12 games, and you only had to look at the games to see that the same snap wasn’t there. Losses occur, and they’re two I’m fine with.
3 Shades of Blue: Ok, NBA Champions time.Who ya got: The Los Angeles Lakers or the field?
With Malice: Hell, tough call… but I like our odds. LA.
As well he should. A big thanks to Don for answering our questions and asking some of his own. You can check out With Malice for the other part of this Q&A session.
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