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The time for submitting logos for the 3SOBRadio logo contest has passed and now is the time for judgment.

We had some really amazing submissions, and it turns out that picking just 3 was impossible. Instead, we’ve picked the best 5 for your consideration.

Remember, the winner not only gets the honor of having created the 3SOBRadio logo, but also wins 2 tickets to the Grizzlies’ home opener on Friday, November 1, 2013. We’re not saying they are great seats, but we’re saying they are free.

Without further preface, we present the 5 nominees:

1. Nick Mandara, who you can follow on twitter @Mr_Mandara.


2. Jim Schulman, who you can follow on twitter @jschulstl.

3SOB Logo Blue

3. Kandi Cook, who you cannot follow on twitter.


4. Thompson Perry, who you can follow on twitter @TSPatLAW.


Andrew Millen, who you can follow on twitter @andrewsmillen.

  3sobradio (Andrew Millen)


Please take a moment and vote for your favorite!

You can vote once per day, so if you really like one of them, make sure you come back tomorrow to vote again! Voting will end when the Grizzlies tip-off against the Spurs on October 30, 2013 and the winner will be announced shortly thereafter.

We want to thank everyone who submitted a logo (or a few). We had a lot of creative logos that we didn’t get a chance to put up for a vote, but really appreciate people taking the time to participate. Congratulations to the people who made the cut – we wish we had tickets for all of you. Alas, there can be only one.

Don’t forget to tune in to 3SOBRadio on Sports56WHBQ on Saturday mornings at 9:00am or stream the show live at We will post the audio from each show on for those of you who can’t listen live.

Grind on, Memphis!



**Editor’s Note: We had to remove one of the submissions due to copyright issues**

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