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That giant SPLAT you just heard was the Grizzlies falling on their faces this game….but it’s no bigger a deal than last Sunday’s win over the Hawks.

It’d be easy to embrace the desire to overreact, but, well, let’s don’t.

Let’s just pick seven things the Grizzlies could stand to improve over the next few days:One: They could throw the round bouncy thing so that it goes *through* the hoop. That one’s easy.

Two: Again, with the turnovers, with Marc Gasol the chief offender (although six assists buys him a bit of leeway with the flubs).

Three: Figure out what they’ve been feeding Ed Davis and keep giving it to him. 11 and 9 with 2 blocks (and, ahem, three fouls) in sixteen minutes. Was there some preseason-style “stick it to the former team who traded me” action? Maybe, but who cares, as long as Davis was able to maintain his recently-established momentum.

Four: Speaking of “out to get former team”, Austin Daye, yer killin’ me. 3-3 from three?  Larger issue, Toronto went 10-19 from three overall against a Grizzlies team that has been darned good against the longball. Gotta clean that up.

Five: The Raptors doubled the Grizzlies’ output from the FT line. Bad perimeter D leads to guys like Derozan waltzing down the lane making guys like ZBo commit fouls. Or maybe Derozan is just exacting revenge on Hollinger? Who knows.

Six: Back to the shooting thing. Calathes 1-9. Ouch. ZBo 1-6. Bayless 3-9. More ouch. Bad spots, bad release, lack of energy? Sure, the time to get it out of the team’s collective system is now, but this kind of precipitous drop into shooting hell is unwelcome on any occasion at any time of the year.

Seven: Another level of the “couple days to improve” question-it’s do or die time for Gaffney, Reed, and the other unguaranteed guys. Will any of them make the team? Crystal ball says…not seein’ it….but who knows.

One more game to work out the kinks, then the looong weekend…then, ladies and gentlemen, it’s time.

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