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…it is encouraging to see the Grizzlies apply some late-game effort.

Sure, it’s YET ANOTHER current-era Grizzlies victory, preseason or not, where only 172 points were scored…but if you’ve watched this space over the last several seasons, you’ll know that I LOOOOVE some good defensive basketball.

Seven quickie things about this one, since I’m still recovering from a massive anniversary dinner at Ciao Bella (The cioppino was amazing!):  One: Jerryd Bayless, from the depths of the valley to the tip top of the scoring peak. That’s how it works a)for a bench scorer and b) in preseason. 8-9 from the starting PG position, on FIIIIYAAAHHHH from three.

Two: Uh…how many turnovers was that? Did I read that wrong? 26? Yikes. Double and triple yikes. Sure, it’s still preseason, but taking care of the ball against teams like the Thunder and Spurs when the time comes will be of paramount importance. The Grizzlies gave up twelve Hawks steals, which is way too high a number, but that means that 14 turnovers resulted from other, often unforced, types of errors. Gotta get that together. The silver lining to all those flying basketballs, though…

Three: 27 assists on 32 made FG’s. That number makes the TO’s worth it, in a preseason game anyway. Even better? Ten of those assists came from Calathes. Not likely his last double-digit assist game in the NBA (not to say he’ll do it with the Grizzlies, as doing that off the bench in the regular season is no mean feat), even though this one doesn’t count. Gotta help his confidence to see all these guys making these buckets off his passes.

Four: Still no Tayshaun Prince. Stomach bug? Really?

Five: No Conley, and that’s fine. Koufos nursing some injury, that’s ok too. Like many Grizzlies, these guys already know their roles and can afford to miss time during exhibition season.

Six: Pondexter with a subpar game…or was it? A few dimes, couple steals, no fouls, and a +12 in 17 minutes. The Grizzlies didn’t need his scoring this game. Is he feeling a bit of pressure about all the “new star Pondexter” hype? Almost certainly. He’s got…well, uh, a few days to sort it out.

Seven: Two good games in a row for Ed Davis. When we’re able to see a “good” game from him with some, ahem, video continuity, we’ll be able to more readily recognize what’s helping his numbers. 14 and 8 in 26 minutes is good stuff.

Another exhibition, although seeing the “great team win” tweet from the Grindfather was a very welcome sight….

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  1. doofNo Gravatar says:

    I was able to be at this game, right behind the Grizzlies bench. Got some up close photos, including Jamaal Franklin with some of his family that live in Atlanta, Mike Miller, and Big Marc Gasol getting squashed on the floor by Pero Antic.

    Franklin had his first big game wearing three shades of blue, and I was able to chat with him some after the game.

    Quotes, photos and recap:

    There is a good (opinion) but Grizz-centric postgame recap here: BealeStreetBears. If you are interested.

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