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We have had INCREDIBLE turnout of voting for the 3SOBRadio logo contest. We posted our top-5 mid-day on Thursday and a mind-blowing 25,000+ votes have been cast. What is clear is that only two of the five are in the running to win this thing. With that in mind, we decided to narrow the focus and post a new article/poll featuring only the top-2 logo designs.

Here they are:

1. Nick Mandara, who can be found on twitter @Mr_Mandara.


2. Andrew Millen, who can be found on twitter @andrewsmillen.

3sobradio (Andrew Millen)

Remember, the winner not only gets the honor of having created the 3SOBRadio logo, but also wins 2 tickets to the Grizzlies’ home opener on Friday, November 1, 2013. We’re not saying they are great seats, but we’re saying they are free.

Voting will run from now until the ball is thrown and the Grizzlies’ season tips off on Wednesday in San Antonio (which is expected to be at approximately 7:36 Central). Since we’re getting down to the wire, you can now vote once every three hours, so if you really like one of these logos, be sure you spread the word and come back to vote as often as possible over then next 35 hours!

Good luck to Nick and Andrew, as they battle head-to-head down the home stretch!

Until tomorrow. Grind on, Memphis!


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