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Well, well. Don’t that feel just fine. Just “watched” (couldn’t attend due to family commitments) the Grizzlies defeat a very good international team in Real Madrid by a final tally of 105-93.

No, there’s not much to take from an initial preseason game, and one against a non-NBA (although VERY talented and seasoned) team-but it’s still very nice to see Rudy Gay assert himself with a fine 11-18 from the field in a midseason-esque 37 minutes, Mike Conley with 8 assists to only two TO’s, and Marc Gasol going for 16 and 16. Huh. It’s almost as if these guys had played together before tonight.

Hard to say what was up with Bayless, although even for a player with a few years of service like he has, can’t rule out a bit of jitters, as the expectations on him for this season are surely as high as any he’s had placed upon him since he came out of Arizona. Bears watching going forward.

Gotta love that Hollins came out firing-only one starter played under 30 minutes (TA, who’s still doing some injury recovery), and the rotation was nice and short.

The Grizzlies were surely helped by the fact that Real Madrid shot a whopping 9-34 from 3…and the Griz only took a Grizzly-esque 10, making a perfectly acceptable 4 of those….with Quincy Pondexter doing a nice job in that area.

No, this game couldn’t mean any less in the standings-but in the team psyche of the Grizzlies, it’s surely the right foot with which to take the season’s first step.

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  1. EvanNo Gravatar says:

    Was at the game. Felt so good to be back in the Forum. GO GRIZZ

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