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*UPDATE*   CBS Sports and Sagarin added.  Notice the ranking of Sagarin is so tied to last year.  He has the Brooklyn Nets at 29th and Orlando Magic at 13th.  Of course his rankings will level out after a few games are played.  Already the Lakers are down to 12th, but I don’t know what they were yesterday.

Here we go again.  The merry chase to the top!  All eyes are on the Heat to repeat as is reflected in the rankings.  Are the Lakers the team to beat in the West, or is the Thunder still the team even with James “The Beard” Hardin now in Houston?

Preseason rankings don’t mean much as they go a lot by last year and the possibilities because of trade acquisitions, like for the Lakers.   Then there are the sports writers’ ‘Wannabe’ favorites like the Knicks and now the new Brooklyn Nets.  So, how do they see it stack up for the coming year and where are the Grizzlies in that stack?

Average ranking for the week from 10 polls is 9.5.

2012-13 Power Rankings Pre-Season
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Actual NBA SI Stein FOX CBS Sagarin Hollinger ProBBTlk HoopsW’d SBNation Covers
on 04-17 10-29 10-23 10-29 10-25 10-30 10-31 04-17 10-29 09-29 10-29 10-30
1 Chicago Miami Miami Miami Miami Miami Miami San Antonio Miami Miami Miami Miami 1
2 San Antonio LA Lakers LA Lakers San Antonio Oklahoma City LA Lakers San Antonio Oklahoma City LA Lakers Oklahoma City LA Lakers LA Lakers 2
3 Oklahoma City San Antonio Oklahoma City LA Lakers LA Lakers Oklahoma City Oklahoma City Miami Oklahoma City LA Lakers Oklahoma City Oklahoma City 3
4 Miami Oklahoma City Boston Boston Boston San Antonio Chicago Chicago LA Clippers San Antonio Boston San Antonio 4
5 Indiana Denver LA Clippers Oklahoma City Indiana Denver Dallas New York Boston Boston San Antonio Denver 5
6 LA Lakers Boston San Antonio LA Clippers San Antonio Boston Denver Boston Denver LA Clippers Denver New York 6
7 LA Clippers LA Clippers Denver Denver LA Clippers Indiana Boston Phoenix San Antonio Memphis Indiana Boston 7
8 Boston Memphis New Jersey Indiana Philadelphia LA Clippers Philadelphia LA Clippers Indiana Indiana LA Clippers Philadelphia 8
9 Atlanta Indiana Indiana Memphis New Jersey Memphis Memphis Indiana Memphis Denver Memphis LA Clippers 9
10 Orlando New Jersey Philadelphia Utah Memphis New Jersey Indiana Atlanta New Jersey New York Atlanta Indiana 10
11 Memphis New York New York New Jersey Dallas New York Atlanta Philadelphia New York New Jersey New York Chicago 11
12 Denver Utah Memphis Chicago New York Chicago LA Lakers LA Lakers Philadelphia Philadelphia New Jersey Dallas 12
13 Dallas Philadelphia Chicago Atlanta Chicago Atlanta Orlando Memphis Chicago Dallas Philadelphia Memphis 13
14 Phoenix Chicago Dallas Philadelphia Denver Utah Houston Milwaukee Utah Atlanta Chicago Atlanta 14
15 Houston Atlanta Atlanta New York Utah Dallas LA Clippers Denver Atlanta Chicago Utah New Jersey 15
Actual NBA SI Stein FOX CBS Sagarin Hollinger ProBBTalk HoopsW’d SBNation Covers
16 New York Dallas Utah Dallas Minnesota Milwaukee Phoenix Utah Dallas Golden State Dallas Minnesota 16
17 Philadelphia Minnesota New Orleans Minnesota Golden State Philadelphia New York Dallas Milwaukee Minnesota Minnesota Utah 17
18 Utah Toronto Minnesota Milwaukee Atlanta Golden State Portland Houston Golden State Utah Milwaukee Portland 18
19 Milwaukee Golden State Milwaukee Golden State Portland Phoenix Utah Orlando Minnesota Phoenix Toronto Milwaukee 19
20 Portland Detroit Golden State Portland Milwaukee Minnesota Milwaukee Portland Portland Portland Houston New Orleans 20
21 Minnesota New Orleans Portland Houston New Orleans Houston New Orleans Minnesota Houston Milwaukee Portland Golden State 21
22 Detroit Houston Cleveland Toronto Phoenix Detroit Golden State New Orleans Toronto Washington Phoenix Cleveland 22
23 Golden State Portland Toronto New Orleans Toronto Toronto Minnesota Toronto Detroit Detroit Golden State Washington 23
24 New Jersey Milwaukee Detroit Phoenix Washington Sacramento Toronto Golden State Cleveland Toronto Detroit Detroit 24
25 Toronto Sacramento Phoenix Detroit Cleveland Portland Cleveland Detroit Sacramento Houston Sacramento Sacramento 25
26 Cleveland Phoenix Houston Sacramento Houston New Orleans Detroit Washington Washington Sacramento Cleveland Toronto 26
27 Sacramento Cleveland Washington Washington Detroit Cleveland Sacramento New Jersey New Orleans Cleveland New Orleans Houston 27
28 New Orleans Washington Orlando Cleveland Sacramento Washington Washington Sacramento Phoenix New Orleans Washington Phoenix 28
29 Washington Orlando Sacramento Orlando Charlotte Orlando New Jersey Cleveland Orlando Orlando Orlando Orlando 29
30 Charlotte Charlotte Charlotte Charlotte Orlando Charlotte Charlotte Charlotte Charlotte Charlotte Charlotte Charlotte 30
Actual NBA SI Stein FOX CBS Sagarin Hollinger ProBBTalk HoopsW’d SBNation Covers
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