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When I was growing up, it was a rare thing to see anybody with a tattoo, including athletes (and for the record, it wasn’t THAT long ago). Of course, these days, the rare thing is seeing an athlete without a tattoo. Some are simple, some elaborate, but almost all of them have some special meaning to the player in question.

Which brings us to Mike Conley. I’d never noticed a Bible verse tattooed on his right arm, so it startled me a little when he said he got it two or three years ago. Then again, he did mention that he wears a sleeve, and let’s be real: when you’re watching the games, you’re not really checking for body art. So with Mike sitting down without his sleeve on for Media Day 2012, I noticed it. I asked him about it. And here it is.

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4 Responses to Mike Conley’s Tattoo

  1. domeNo Gravatar says:

    cool. by the way, i think you guys are doing a great job with these exclusive videos, always good to get more grizz coverage when we’re one of the less covered franchises. thanks

  2. MikeNo Gravatar says:

    With that tattoo, it will make you more humble and understanding on what other people might do bad for you. Simple but full of meaning tattoo. Great choice man.

  3. John RNo Gravatar says:

    Mike just wanted to show off his new arms … ; P

  4. […] on this blog by Lee Eric Smith, was frustrating for Mike and fans alike.  Mike even got a tattoo, chronicling his internalization of and response to the negative energy surrounding […]

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