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The big question mark this season will revolve around whether Zach Randolph is healthy, and whether he and Rudy Gay can not only coexist, but flourish when playing together. But for my money, there are two other guys I can’t wait to see take the floor together: Darrell Arthur and Marreese Speights.

Think back to 2011, when Darrell was bounding around the court, dunking those sweet lobs from Greivis Vasquez. And remember how, when he’d pull up for that free throw jumper, you just knew it was going in — and it usually did. Then remember how your heart sunk when D.A. got sidelined with that Achilles injury, only to be followed by Zach’s MCL tear. There goes that post production and that sweet elbow jumper. Except you didn’t miss it did you? Because once he found his way, Marreese Speights was draining that shot with stunning consistency. And he did respectfully well on defense and the boards.

Where the Grizz clearly have a power game with Z-Bo & Marc, to me, D.A. & Mo present a completely different matchup nightmare on offense. They are both active around the rim, and they both can knock down midrange shots. They should be able to create open shots for each other in high-low sets as well as pick & pops.

And apparently coaches and players agree. See what the experts have to say in this exclusive clip from Enjoy!

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10 Responses to Media Day 2012: The Other Dynamic Duo?

  1. ccNo Gravatar says:

    Lee: what do you(or anyone else) think about starting DA or Mo w/ Marc and using Z-Bo off the bench w/ either DA or Mo? At least for spurts,throughout the season.

  2. JoelNo Gravatar says:


    I know I am not Lee, and i would like to hear his opinion on the subject, but here is what I think.

    Z-BO needs to start for a few reasons. #1 reason is that, even though he might not have a “problem” with coming off the bench,
    sub-consciously I believe he needs the start. It is a boost to his morale, and Z-BO seems to play at a different level later in games, if he can get some early points in. #2 is that if we leave Z-BO in the starting five, hopefully he and Rudy will be able to mesh, and since they are two of our best high volume scoring options, it is imparitive that they learn to co-exist.

    That being said, there are also several upsides to your idea of switching up the lineup a bit every once in a while.

    The main thing would be that Z-BO could get some rest, and we might be able to reduce the chances of wear and tear cropping up with him. Both DA and Mo are very capable of holding their own out on the court, so this might be a good idea.

    The second pro for this roster switch up would be the chance to see how we might be able to play around with our lineups, in preperation for the later half of the season/playoffs. By giving DA and Mo more experience starting out some games, we might be able to take some pressure off of Z-BO in the long run. But this all depends on how coming off the bench would effect
    Z-BO’s psyche, and his overall ability to be exsplosive on the offensive end.

    Generally speaking, having Z-BO coming off the bench once in a while might be a good idea, but I think we should try it out sooner rather than later, just incase we run into problems with Zach’s scoring numbers.

    • ccNo Gravatar says:

      Joel: excellent points(to say the least!),some of which I was thinking about when I posted…
      You should join GrizzNation on Facebook>good group of knowledgeable fans and some dummies but it’s fun!

      • Lee Eric SmithNo Gravatar says:

        Um . . . What Joel said!

        Actually, during the Clippers series, I thought Coach Hollins maybe fixed what wasn’t broken when he put Zach back in the starting lineup. That Mo-Marc frontline was rolling, and I think it messed up team chemistry.

        That said, I agree: Z-Bo should start for ego reasons. But right now, I’m salivating over finding out how well D.A. & Mo play together.

  3. ccNo Gravatar says:

    Joel: excellent points(to say the least!),some of which I was thinking about when I posted…
    You should join GrizzNation on Facebook>good group of knowledgeable fans and some dummies but it’s fun!

  4. @ManOnTheSquareNo Gravatar says:

    None of you guys know diddly poo about basketball. Z-Bo is statistically THE most consistent big men IN THE ENTIRE NBA over the past 5 seasons. He was perfect in the EXACT lineup last year & came up one game shy of the conference finals, without the franchise kid. Since his arrival the offense has not only flourished but PROGRESSED while running through Zach as a starter. If its not broke why fix it? Truth is, Speights played his role great…Being the FILL IN link at PF. Zach tears his knee & you bench the leagues best PF for a CAREER SINGLE digit scorer & rebounder with avg defense. Why take away a top 15 NBA player 20&10 being paid $71mill & make him the bench man BC MO LOOOKED good averaging. 8ppg & 5rbg IN HALF THE SEASON OF A HALF SEASON. Jay-Z said it best, “the numbers don’t lie.”

    • Lee Eric SmithNo Gravatar says:

      You’re missing the point.

      Of course Zach is great, when he’s healthy & in shape. Overall the team is better with him.

      But he WASN’T in shape & back to his old self when he re-entered the starting lineup right before the playoffs. At that point, the rest of the team — with Mo starting — was STRAIGHT ROLLING.

      And I think it messed up team chemistry when they were trying to figure out how to play with Zach again in the playoffs. To me, the smarter thing to do would have been to bring Zach off the bench for scoring punch… Or alternately, start Zbo & Mo, bringing Marc off the bench (Marc’s ego could handle that better than Zach).

      In any case, Zach is healed up, did that freaky chameleon training over the summer, and is ready to dominate again. He can, should, and WILL be starting.

  5. @ManOnTheSquareNo Gravatar says:

    If u had it your way last year, how long do you continue to start No? Until we suffered a slump or a 25pt blowout? I supposed the true question is to suffer the lumps early on & be PROactive or ride the “MoSpeights” wave until it crashed & then become REactive?

  6. Lee Eric SmithNo Gravatar says:

    I would have started Mo through at least the first round of the playoffs. Assuming Zach’s play had improved, I’d have gradually worked him back into the starting lineup late in that series. And of course, assuming he was playing well, he would FINISH games.

    Going into the Clippers series, the team had won 8 of 10 games, including a six-game winning streak. The offense had been reconfigured to more pick & roll, less inside out. But the point is that the team was playing well with Mo in the starting lineup. I’m NOT saying Mo is a better player, nor am I saying he should be starting now. I’m saying that putting Zach back in the starting lineup disrupted the team dynamics at the worst possible time.

    I mean no harm, @Man, but you did actually WATCH the games, right?

  7. HadToHappnNo Gravatar says:

    Lee, You hit the nail on the Head!

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