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Whooooof. That third quarter was ugly.

Sure, there was ugliness ubiquitously (see what I did there?) scattered throughout the game, but the lineup to start Q3 got killed. Brought in new guys, kept giving away the ball.

A half-dozen quick observations about this meaningless yet sometimes distressing outing….

1) Flip, there have been times when I’ve enjoyed watching you play. I think those times will not again occur. Some space cadet defense, and using too much of the ball at the wrong times on offense, and just flat-out moving the ball to the wrong side of the court when he controlled it.

2)GIVE JEROME JORDAN THE MAX!!!11!!1!! Someone out there is saying this. Ok, ok, someone is at least saying “give him a guaranteed deal”. He did show some skill and court awareness…and I understand that this is blasphemy to some of you, but does it seem that he’d be more of a liability than Haddadi? Bears watching. Dunigan, the other possible to make the roster as far as bigger guys, was invisibly not-offensive.

3)Jerryd Bayless is strugglin. I’m ok with that, as long as he exhibits progress over the next few games. He’s being tentative with the ball, which for a guy with his proven slashing ability, is likely due to unfamiliarity with teammates’ tendencies.

4) Wayne Ellington was a deer in headlights when Hollins designed that last play for him. Probably won’t happen again, but I do dig Hollins throwin’ him in the fire a bit, even in a meaningless situation. Otherwise, Ellington was about as advertised-he tried more on D than I’ve seen him try in the limited number of times I’ve seen him play (credit Hollins for that I’m sure), but he’ll surely struggle to see the court some nights. We think. Who knows at this point.

5)Quincy Pondexter has been told to attack more. Not sure how that’s gonna work out. Nice that he tried it against such a good defensive team-that’ll give him and the coaching staff an idea how well he’s able to do it. He showed no fear, for better or for worse, and I think we can see that it’s been laid upon him that he’ll bear a bit more of the scoring load this season than he did last.

6)Marreese Speights, as the gutwrenching cliche goes, is what he is. And that’s not bad, necessarily…when DA gets back. He didn’t look up to speed, but he’s the same guy. It will bear watching as Arthur’s comeback progresses whether DA can steal Mo’s minutes..and whether he should.

Ugly game, even outside that disastrous third quarter-but it’s preseason, and rookies (Wroten with his struggles) and marginal guys (Jordan with his flashes of NBA validity) are why they play and we watch these games.


I’ll stop yelling and go to bed now.

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One Response to Grizzlies Lose to Bulls: 28 PF, 22 TO

  1. Monique FisherNo Gravatar says:

    I thought it was gutsy to play the guys who probably won’t make the team so much against such a formidable team; at least the coaching staff can truly gauge their abilities better. If the starters had been out there, even with the insane amount of free throws the Bulls had, this would’ve had a different outcome.

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