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Two interesting games, with several interesting performances.

Not  all of them positive, I might add.

Preseason, of course, so the grains of salt are ubiquitous-but there are some takeaways…

-Playing small with Rudy at 4 and Speights at 5 in the Houston game was, well, not good. Rebounding really suffered, and Speights was on a lane-shaped island on both ends far too much of the time for my comfort. Speights’ stat line showed his struggles on the night.  In preseason-schizophrenic fashion, against the Bucks, Speights had a MUCH better night, with 16 and 11 and ONE LONELY FOUL in a whopping 38 minutes. Way to go Mo. There’s actually going to be some competition between him and DA when Darrell gets back, and there’s another competition going on of significantly less import…

-HADDADI vs. JORDAN, the battle royale for about, uh, four MPG. Hate it for Jordan, but with Hamed having a guaranteed deal, he’ll likely be hoping to catch on somewhere else or wait for the ten-day merry-go-round in January. Good athletic ability and a nice knack for scoring, but a foul machine.

-Mike Conley looks  as good as he has in any preseason thus far. Can he build on the confidence he’s shown over the last two seasons? Going 12/23 over the two games with only 4 total TO’s with 11/11 FT’s makes one think so.

-Rudy Gay had six assists in one game. That sentence stands on its own.

-Nice to see some of the regulars get a game off on the second night of back-to-back. Gotta watch TA’s knees especially. Wayne Ellington has acquitted himself well, with some good scoring and, more importantly, good hustle…and his head seems to be in the game.

We’ll see if the regulars get less and less time, just enough to keep the engine revved, over the last few games of the exhibition season. Gotta keep building focus, but the core is a year older…

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  1. AndyNo Gravatar says:

    this is mike’s year.. 16.3 points, 7.2 assists, 2.1 steals let’s goooo

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