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The Memphis Flyer is giving away tickets to Wednesday night’s opening game against the Atlanta Hawks.

And we aren’t talking about Super Sonic Saver seats here either. We are talking prime seats in Section 115. Where is that you ask? That’s the section directly across from the Grizzlies bench (and also happens to be the same section that one of 3 Shades of Blue founders season tickets are located).

Now they are only giving out two tickets and you have to win a drawing to get them but the tickets are out there for someone to win! Why not you?

If you aren’t the lucky person who wins the free tickets then contactCarlRosen and the Memphis Grizzlies at 901.818.1445 and see what bargains theyhave availablefor you. The Grizzlies are pulling out all the stops to pack the arena for opening night.Don’t be among the masses who regrets not going to the game the next day!

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