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After another long round of negotiations over the weekend and a last second effort Monday, when player reps cancelled a meeting with the union members. David Stern announced last night thatthe first two weeks of 2011-12 NBA season would be cancelled.

Stern described the difference between the players and the union as a gulf. Stern sounded very pessimistic that a complete season could be made up. The differences are just too great to expect a quick resolution.

The players and the owners discovered just how far apart they truly are in the last second negotiations. They can’t agree on the mid-level exception levels, the luxury tax penalty, contract lengths, guarantees and just about anything really. The basketball related income issue, that had been the apparent major sticking point last week wasn’t even discussed in these meetings.

This statement by Stern means that the players will miss at least one paycheck. At the present time no further meetings are planned. Billy HUnter, the union leader, suggested that the owners have always wanted the players to miss a paycheck with the expectation that the union will collapse once the money stops coming in. He wanted to make it clear

The issues seem to revolve around just how much is fair in cutting players salaries to make the league financially stable.

In an unique use of social media avenues the players have been getting their message out that they want to play. The owners have locked out the players. Apparently the players want to play under rules that the owners claim cost them hundreds of millions of dollars last season alone despite record revenues.

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