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One has to wonder what is happening in America these days.

There is a group of protestors, called Occupy Wall Street, getting a lot of support from people around the country. The problem is no one is exactly sure what they are protesting. It may have something to do with the government not letting our financial system collapse back in 2008 by helping prop up the banks. Apparently people think saving the financial world was a bad thing and if the government hadnt done this then everyone would have better access to money and jobs.

Occupy Wall Street

Somehow I dont understand how allowing the financial system to collapse would create jobs but there are many things I see going on these days that dont make a lot of sense to me. Consider the NBA labor situation.

We have sports people bad-mouthing NBA owners for wanting to make a profit in their businesses. Whats wrong with a profit? Isnt this America? Arent we the beacon for free capitalism? What happened to the idea that people came to America to make their mark on the world by building their business into profit making enterprises?

Now it seems that making a profit is not the most important aspect of running a business. It should not even be expected in certain fields of endeavor such as owning an NBA basketball team. On the contrary owners should expect to lose money and not complain about it.

I can understand the players wanting to get what they deserve. However, when a business doesnt make money then the workers not only dont receive what they believe they deserve, they lose what they had when the business closes. Thats what happens in the United States when companies lose money. They close their doors.

The players dont see it that way however.

“Let’s just take the owners and the NBA saying we want every team to be competitive,” Dwyane Wade said “[The NBA] wants every team to have the same chips to start with. You tell me that corporations and business around the world that every is equal one and I’ll show you a lie.

Apparently Dwyane Wade hasnt heard of the NFL or OPEC for that matter.


What Dwyane Wade is missing, and I suppose more players are as well, is the NBA not just a collection of independent businesses competing against each other. The NBA is a private cartel that has an agreement among competing teams to share in certain business practices. The relationship was formed for many reasons including marketing, advertising and pricing. Cartels work best in oligopoly arrangement where there are limited participants such as the NBA which has a current cap of 30 members.

There arent many businesses out there after all where the competition determines who is allowed to buy a company like they do in the NBA. The NBA owners just approved the sale of the Philadelphia 76ers to a new group yesterday.

So forget the argument that in the real world competition doesnt work this way. This isnt the real world. This is the world of entertainment. The fight between the owners/Stern and the union is not entertaining either. Dwyane Wades comment that in a free market he would be paid twice his current salary is exactly the type of comments the working fans of the NBA hate to hear too. That means higher ticket prices, higher beer prices and fewer games watched in person.

Shane Battier tweeted that he would accept a smaller cut of the BRI if it meant lower prices for the fans. Dwyane Wade yelled at David Stern and said he believes he is worth twice as much as he is paid. Which player are the fans going to appreciate more once the league starts playing again?

If you really want to get sick from the players attitude realize that many of the locked out players qualify for unemployment benefits. Thats right. Our tax dollars paid outto millionaire NBA stars while they argue with Billionaires, who may be paying less in taxes than their secretaries, over how much more expensive the NBA is going to be to watch for the fans.

Doesnt that make you feel better?

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