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Credit: Kim Klement / USA Today Sports

Credit: Kim Klement / USA Today Sports

Memphis Grizzlies point guard Mike Conley spoke to the media today before practice today as they prepared for the San Antonio Spurs Friday at FedEx Forum. I asked him about what changed over the past four games in California, what they do on their downtime on long road trips, and is he a XBOX or PlayStation guy? Check it out.

Q:What did this team work on defensively?
Conley: It wasn’t really I think working on something in particular I believe it was effort. I think we just gave more effort and talk and communicate more. Our defense is better. We were always in the right spots we were just half a second late or somebody’s not calling out a call half second early enough and I think we started doing that we talking earlier getting guys in better positions and it’s working for us.

Q:Anything personally you worked on this road trip that needed to be fixed?
Conley: I just wanted to be more patient. Pick and choose when to be aggressive offensively. Pick and choose when to get the guys down low the ball and get other guys involved. I think I did a better job at that and manage the game.

Q:When you’re on a long road trip like that what do you do for down time? Movies? Bowling? Or is this a business trip in your mind?
Conley: It’s a business trip but we like to leave the hotel room and do something. There will be a lot of times where we will go to the movies, go out to eat, go shopping a little bit, and hang out and do stuff together.

Q: I know you’re a big gamer you committing to the XBOX 360 or getting the PS4?
Conley: I’m committing to XBOX right now I haven’t gotten the PlayStation. I’ll definitely be getting the XBOX one as soon as I can.

The Memphis Grizzlies will face the San Antonio Spurs November 22, 2013 at FedEx Forum. Tickets still available at or call at 888-HOOP.

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