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With return of the Rudy Gay to FedEx Forum, the Memphis Grizzlies put up another Grizzaster performance against the Toronto Raptors losing 103-87. Memphis fell to 3-5 this season and recorded consecutive losses for the first time this season. Grizzlies Head Coach Dave Joerger explained it the best way after the game, no effort.

“People do not fear us anymore. We’re not putting hands on people anymore. There are a lot of people who say we shouldn’t have been in the Western Conference Finals.”

“We’re not playing hard enough. And I’ve talked about it in video sessions and pregame and halftime and postgame” Joerger said after the game.

Former Grizzlies forward Rudy Gay recorded a team-high 23 points, six rebounds, and four assists on 8-of-18 shooting (4-of-6 3FG shooting) in 42 minutes in his first game back at FedEx Forum after being traded. Toronto shot .533 from three-point range (8-of-15 3PG) and drained seven of its first nine attempts beyond the arc.


The players after the game said it’s not time to panic. I agree but they should be disappointed and frustrated with this team’s performance this year. Here are some of the major disappointments about tonight’s game.

1. The Rotation is becoming a major problem for the Grizzlies. Saturday against the Golden State Warriors, Joerger played an eight man rotation, tonight he played eleven. The Grizzlies tied the game at 70 with 3:33 in the 3rd Quarter and Joerger decides to take Zach Randolph and Tony Allen out and replace them with Ed Davis and Mike Miller.

“We were tied up 70 at the 3rd Quarter and after that I don’t know what happened” Zach Randolph said after the game.

Ed Davis is what happened Zach. For playing 23:53 and having 5 points and 5 rebounds. Though he had a good first half against the Raptors I still don’t see why Davis should get those types of minutes and put that type of performance. Will someone please explain to me sometime why he should have more playing time than someone like a Kosta Koufos or Jon Leuer.

2. Mistakes keep occurring for this team. The Grizzlies would finish with 17 turnovers.

“Us making turnovers where the opponents are scoring easy lay-ups is really disheartening. It’s a broken record. We have been talking about it and talking about it” Joerger said on the turnover situation.

3. The Grizzlies struggled to the foul line and helped the Raptors get to the foul line easily. Toronto made 33 of its 39 free throw attempts (.846), while Memphis made 11 on 17 tries (.647).

“I’m concerned we’re not getting to the foul line enough. 39 times that’s a lot and we’re fouling too much” Joerger said on after the game.

4. Memphis surrendered at least 100 points for the fourth time this season. The Grizzlies gave up at least 100 points just 11 times all of last season.

“I think we have got to get back to trusting one another on the defensive end and figure out what we are going to give up going into games and helping a helper” Grizzlies guard Tony Allen on not having the grit and grind.

Had a discussion with fellow 3 Shades of Blue writer Jonathan May at the game about Mike Conley’s performance. He’s putting up great numbers lately but do you want him to be your leading scorer over guys like Zach Randolph and Marc Gasol?

“We’ll get there. We’re going to be alright,” Joerger said in his post-game press conference.

In other news, the new Fly Lounge in FedEx Forum opened up tonight so after watching a game like that you can go drink your sorrows away and watching a game like that. I still believe in this team I just hope this fan base does as well. Believe Memphis.


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4 Responses to Memphis Grizzlies vs Toronto Raptors Post Game Review

  1. kingfishNo Gravatar says:

    Ed Davis should be on the trading block, period.

    Secondly, I have to wonder who is going to lead this team now that Lionel isn’t around to do so? Joerger obviously isn’t doing so yet. Maybe he will.

    Are the “nerds” aka Hollinger, Lash, Levien et al. pulling the strings on the rotation and with Davis’ minutes? Sure seems like that could be possible.

    I still believe but it’s getting more difficult when you don’t see any improvement in 2 months.

  2. btrautscNo Gravatar says:

    This team has been atrocious to watch.

    (prepare for long winded post)

    I’ve watched almost every minute of this season, and frankly, this team just is not very good.

    Zach has declined, the offense moves awkwardly around him, and it is tough to watch. He struggles on offense unless he has a smaller one-on-one. He is getting a lot of shots blocked. Rebounding is ok-to-dominant, but he is not going to be a Duncan-esque guy who can rely on pure length and an 18 footer. I’m not sure what’s wrong with him.

    Marc is clearly very frustrated. He is a natural #2-3 scorer, and he is getting the ball in weird places, and in turn does weird things. On defense he’s consistently out of position.

    You mention Conley outscoring Zach… Its because Mike Conley is the only guy on this team that can consistently get his own shot. And that is not good. Zach can if he gets a low duck-in or a 12 foot post up. But teams know how to take those away with focus.

    Mike Miller is keeping us in games by being the only real safety valve on offense, and honestly he was supposed to play half as much until the playoffs. Sometimes Bayless has played that role with heat check offense. Davis has regressed mentally or just doesn’t fit.

    Joeger sticking with Prince and TA for extended periods of time is a classic “new coach completely not understanding how to manage the roster”. When those guys are in, Zach cannot operate efficiently. Bottom line. Sure, we can make runs based on Prince knocking down a few nice mid range jumpers and Tony being an erratic disruptor on defense, but its not an 82 game strategy.

    The FO is in really, really bad shape. Let’s take a look:

    This roster has 2 tradable assets: Marc Gasol and Mike Conley. Oh, and a 1st round pick in the next draft (of note: probably NOT a pick in the 2015 draft).

    Zbo and his contract may be untradeable at this point, his player option for next year is terrifying for other teams. Prince, TA likewise. Maybe a contender looks at them, but not sure which one.

    Recent moves:

    Jan ’13: The Grizz send the Cav’s Mo Speights, Wayne Ellington, Josh Selby, AND a 1st Round pick in 2015 (semi protected)… For Jon Leuer. I like Leuer, but he’s averaged 6.8 mins and 2pts. Speights signed with GSW for a very favorable $3.5M/ year 2 year deal + a team option. He’s playing 14 mins with 5.5 pts.

    What is one of the Grizz greatest problems? Outside shooting and spacing. Which brings up Wayne Ellington. Ellington ended up on the Mavs, where he’ll be paid $2.5M for the next two years. So far this year he has averaged 12 mins a game in only 5 games, shot 40% from 3, and scored 3.6 pts when playing. Still, he is a very capable shooter, on a cheap contract.

    Let’s get back to the meat of the trade: It was to avoid the tax right?? They gave up 2 rotation guys a 2nd round pick this year AND a 1st round pick next year! For Wisconsin’s finest Jon Leuer. Let’s move on.

    Jan ’13: A few short weeks later, the Grizz send Toronto Rudy Gay and Hamed Haddadi. Jose Calderon goes to Detroit.

    The Grizzlies end up with Ed Davis, Tayshaun Prince, and Austin Daye, as well as a 2013 2nd round pick from Toronto. Austin Daye is already gone and we’ve covered the other two.

    June ’13: Grizz send Darrell Arthur to Denver and a 2nd round pick for Kosta Koufas. Koufos seems to be a decent pickup when he cracks the rotation.

    August ’13: Tony Wroten traded from the Grizzlies to Phili. The Grizz receive a 2nd Round pick for 2014, protected from 31-50 and 56-60. So effectively the Grizzlies did not get anything. Tony Wroten is avg’ing 23 mins, 11.6 pts, 3 asts, 4 rbs. Last night he recorded an 18-11-10 triple double in 41 minutes for the Sixers.

    So… here the franchise sits: $55M+ in committed cap next summer if Zach picks up his player option, the QO on Davis, and a team option on Koufos.

    We have a 1st round pick this year.

    Can we make moves to get better? I hope so. Can we play better as a team? I certainly believe that is possible. Do we have the right coach? Doesn’t look promising so far. Is our team better than 8 other teams in the West? Tough to say right now.

  3. CounteNo Gravatar says:

    This isn’t fun bball to watch. We don’t have an identity. Last year (and years past), we were an inside-out, defensive minded team. Now? IDK what we are. Pick and roll? Pace and space? Inside-out? Definitely not defensive first. Out of all the new coaches, I believed Joeger’s job wasn’t going to be that difficult. He had/has a champ level team to work with and just some minor tweaks were/are needed.
    1. Bench Prince. Prince and TA CAN’T start for you. We’re terrible in the first quarter, well, TA and Prince aren’t offensive players. Prince is NOT an elite defender anymore. Time to start Q.
    2. Neither Marc or Conley want to lead the team in scoring. They aren’t shoot first guys. ZBo is a shoot first guy. Use your facilitators to get the big man going. He’s not a defensive force so let’s not fake like he’s going to make it up on defense if his offense isn’t going.
    3. I know the geeks LOVE Ed Davis but it’s a reason he couldn’t get playing time. He’s got talent but he’s lazy. I know the team would hate to lose him in free agency next summer BUT what good is a guy that expects it to be given to him and not earned?! I thought this past summer was the most important one for him. I thought he could learn a few things from ZBo and Marc.
    The season is NOT over. It is NOT panic time. However, we gotta start moving in the right direction. We are an extremely disappointing team right now. Time for Joeger and the new management to show me something. B/c right now, Hollins is at the house watching his contract demand price increase daily with every Grizz game.

  4. ohwiseguyehNo Gravatar says:

    My first thought on what is going on is that some of the team’s players are not happy with the coaching change and are not playing that hard so that he gets fired. This happens sometimes in the NBA. Wasn’t that the case with former Griz coach Bob Hill? My second thought is that the player personnel is not at all athletic enough for an uptempo style of play and it is like putting triangles in a round hole.
    They don’t bloody well fit! As mentioned above I can’t believe they let Wroten go for absolutely nothing! He was their one truly athletic player that could play uptempo. I can’t help but wonder how in the world did he go from a terrible shooter who could barely hit the rim on a three pointer while here and then once traded to Philly get to be suddenly a good three point shooter? Did they even try to make him better while he was here or did they not have anything close to a shooting coach?
    That Rudy trade is looking worse and worse all the time now.
    I was for trading Rudy but thought they could have done much better. Never trade your best player for spare parts and cap space. Get at least one good starter out of the trade and Prince is not that and Davis looks to be another Stromile.

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