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When: Wednesday, November 20th, 9:30 PM CST
Where: Oracle Arena, Oakland, CA

Photo: Danny Johnson / AP Photo

Records: Memphis Grizzlies (6-5), Golden State Warriors (8-3)
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REMATCH! One of the more encouraging wins of the seasons for the Grizzlies came less than two weeks ago, when they decisively dispatched the Warriors, making fans feel better about the team’s rough start. Now, the Grizzlies have won three consecutive road games, and last night, experienced the satisfaction of taking down the Clippers. Can they make it four in a row, and two straight against the Warriors? This should be a fun one to watch.

Expected Starting Lineups:


Mike Conley vs Andre Iguodala
Tough break for the Warriors – each of their top 2 point guards are out. Curry is gone with concussion symptoms, and Toney Douglas won’t be returning to the lineup in time for this game. That leaves things up to Iggy, who is one of the most versatile players in the NBA, capable of playing pretty much any position other than center. While Iggy is a skilled passer, this could still be a great matchup for Conley. With Iguodala playing out of position, he may have a tough time transitioning, which could lead to Conley racking up a few steals. In any event, this will be a fascinating matchup, and a test of Iguodala’s established versatility.
Advantage: Memphis

Tony Allen

Quincy Pondexter vs Klay Thompson
As a commenter informed us, Tony Allen is out for this game, meaning Quincy Pondexter gets his first start of the year. This will likely be a source of excitement for fans who’ve wanted to see him starting all year, with the problem being that it’s in place of Allen rather than Prince. Pondexter is is the Grizzlies second-best three-point shooter after Mike Miller, and having him start will likely be a great benefit to the Grizzlies floor-spacing. While his defense is not quite as strong as Allen’s, he is still a strong perimeter defender, so Klay shouldn’t expect an easier night with TA off. Thompson has been a breakout star this year, continuing to be an elite scorer, while also making huge strides defensively. Pondexter will certainly have a difficult challenge ahead of him in his inaugural start of the year.
Advantage: Golden State

Tayshaun Prince vs Harrison Barnes
Iggy playing the point means Barnes re-enters the starting lineup. Don’t be fooled by his transition to the bench – he’s an extremely talented player, and his game has only gotten better. So far this year, he’s added potency to the Warriors bench, emerging as the main scoring threat of their second unit, but as anyone who watched him last year will tell you, he’s more than capable as a starting small forward. After a brutal start to the season, Prince has picked up his game in recent weeks, and once again looks like a valuable contributor for the Grizzlies. Still, Barnes has the youth, and the athleticism in this matchup. Look for him to take Prince to his limit.
Advantage: Golden State


Zach Randolph

Zach Randolph vs David Lee
Normally, it’s hard to go against Lee here – he’s a better offensive player, and his defense isn’t horrible anymore. But man, Z-Bo has been on fire lately, putting up three straight 20-point performances, and making everyone feel like it’s 2011 all over again. Any time the question of “is Z-Bo past his prime/should we trade him” starts to occupy Grizzlies discussion, he puts it all to rests with a few mindblowing performances. It’ll be interesting to see if Lee – and his much-improved defense – can handle everything #50 throws at him tonight. Slight edge to Lee, but don’t read too much into it.
Advantage:  Golden State

Marc Gasol

Marc Gasol vs Andrew Bogut
Okay, here’s one for the Grizzlies! Okay, here’s one for the Grizzlies! I mean, sure, he’s looked better this year, and he’s slowly regaining his form from, say, two years ago, but he’ll never be as complete a player as Marc. With that said, Bogut does have enough defensive acumen to make like difficult for #33 in this game. Bogut has only attempted 18 shots this year, which gives the indication that he’s still gun shy on offense, although it may simply be a consequence of the abundance of shooters on this team. In any case, Marc is a much better finesse center, as well as the superior overall player.
Advantage: Memphis


Hey, Mo Speights!  The Warriors has bench looks really scary now that Harrison Barnes is back. He was a capable starter for them all season long last year, and now he gives them considerable depth. Admittedly, this team was a little deeper last year – Toney Douglas is a considerable downgrade from Jarrett Jack – but they’re still built pretty solid. It was good to see Koufos play so well last night – e’s adjusting to fewer minutes as a backup, but it looks like he’s finally getting used to it. Meanwhile, Ed Davis received another DNP-CD, and while his potential is alluring, and we’ve seen great things from him in Toronto, let’s face the reality of the situation: Davis is really struggling, and its a huge problem for the Grizzlies. Their bench has more talent overall, but I feel like the Warriors are a bit more cohesive.
Advantage: Golden State

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