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Which of the 2 loss teams in the first week of the season lost favor with who who rank teams? Well, certainly the Grizzlies did falling on an average of 9 positions. Most of the 2-loss teams stayed the same or rose, if these polls predicted not to do well.

It was a crazy week of upsets and unlikely teams with winning ways. Philly highlighted the craziness by going from 30the to 1st in some polls. Look quickly, it will be a long time before you see Miami ranked as 23rd (see the RPI).

As Stein writes, ” The Sixers, with a roster folks were openly scoffing at a week ago, upset the two-time reigning champs from Miami, one of the Heat’s top rivals (Chicago) and a team (Washington) that is supposed to challenge for a playoff berth … coming back from big deficits in all three victories and with rookie Michael Carter-Williams putting up historically crazy numbers along the
way as Philly’s new star-is-born trigger man.”

Matt Moore sums up the week, “So there will be chaos for a little while, as there always is at the start of a season. The rankings aren’t reflective of these teams’ title chances, but their current power. And with an unstable sample to work from, you’re goig to see some wild things.”

Average ranking for the week is 15.3 , from last week of 6.58. (Actual not included in average and Fox not posted.)

2012-13 Power Rankings for week of November 5
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Actual NBA SI Stein FOX CBS Yahoo Sag’in Hol’ger ProBB HpsWld Bl’cher RPI
on 11-05 11-04 11-04 11-04 10-28 11-04 11-04 11-05 04-02 11-04 11-05 11-05 11-05 on
1 Indiana Philadelphia Houston Indiana Miami Philadelphia Philadelphia San Antonio Indiana LA Clippers Indiana Indiana 1
2 LA Clippers Indiana Indiana Houston Indiana Golden State Indiana LA Clippers Houston Houston Houston LA Clippers 2
3 Houston Houston Philadelphia Minnesota San Antonio Indiana Houston Miami Minnesota Indiana Miami Golden State 3
4 Philadelphia Minnesota San Antonio San Antonio Oklahoma City Houston Minnesota Indiana Philadelphia Miami Golden State Minnesota 4
5 Minnesota Miami LA Clippers Miami LA Clippers Minnesota Miami Oklahoma City San Antonio San Antonio San Antonio LA Lakers 5
6 Golden State LA Clippers Minnesota Oklahoma City New Jersey Portland San Antonio Golden State LA Clippers Golden State Minnesota San Antonio 6
7 San Antonio San Antonio Oklahoma City LA Clippers Chicago San Antonio Oklahoma City Houston Golden State Minnesota Oklahoma City Dallas 7
8 Oklahoma City Oklahoma City Golden State Golden State Houston Phoenix LA Clippers Memphis Oklahoma City Oklahoma City LA Clippers Houston 8
9 Dallas Chicago Miami Chicago Golden State LA Clippers Golden State Chicago Miami Portland Philadelphia Orlando 9
10 Toronto Golden State Phoenix Philadelphia Memphis Dallas Detroit New York Dallas Chicago Chicago Oklahoma City 10
11 Detroit Portland Dallas New Jersey New York Miami Chicago Dallas Portland Toronto New Jersey Cleveland 11
12 Phoenix Orlando Portland Dallas Minnesota Detroit Memphis Minnesota Phoenix Dallas Dallas Phoenix 12
13 Portland Dallas Detroit Portland Portland New Jersey Portland Denver New Jersey New Jersey Memphis Philadelphia 13
14 Memphis New Jersey New Jersey Detroit Atlanta New York Dallas Atlanta Chicago Philadelphia Detroit New Orleans 14
15 Miami New York Chicago Memphis Denver Oklahoma City New Jersey Portland New York Memphis Portland Portland 15
Actual NBA SI Stein FOX CBS Yahoo Sag’in Hol’ger ProBB HpsWld Bl’cher RPI
16 Orlando Phoenix New York Phoenix Cleveland Chicago New York LA Lakers Detroit LA Lakers Orlando Atlanta 16
17 LA Lakers Memphis Memphis Orlando Detroit Orlando LA Lakers New Jersey Toronto Phoenix LA Lakers Memphis 17
18 Cleveland Detroit Toronto LA Lakers New Orleans LA Lakers Phoenix Orlando LA Lakers Orlando New York Charlotte 18
19 Chicago LA Lakers LA Lakers Toronto Washington Toronto Toronto Detroit Memphis Detroit Toronto Sacramento 19
20 New York Atlanta Orlando New York Dallas Memphis Orlando Toronto Orlando New York Cleveland New Jersey 20
21 Atlanta Toronto New Orleans Cleveland LA Lakers Atlanta New Orleans New Orleans Cleveland Cleveland Atlanta Chicago 21
22 Charlotte Cleveland Atlanta New Orleans Toronto Cleveland Cleveland Utah New Orleans Washington New Orleans Utah 22
23 New Jersey New Orleans Charlotte Sacramento Sacramento New Orleans Charlotte Milwaukee Atlanta New Orleans Phoenix Miami 23
24 New Orleans Sacramento Sacramento Atlanta Milwaukee Charlotte Atlanta Cleveland Sacramento Denver Milwaukee New York 24
25 Milwaukee Washington Cleveland Washington Boston Milwaukee Sacramento Washington Milwaukee Atlanta Sacramento Toronto 25
26 Sacramento Milwaukee Milwaukee Denver Orlando Utah Milwaukee Philadelphia Charlotte Sacramento Washington Detroit 26
27 Denver Charlotte Denver Milwaukee Charlotte Sacramento Denver Phoenix Denver Utah Denver Washington 27
28 Washington Utah Washington Charlotte Utah Washington Washington Sacramento Boston Charlotte Charlotte Denver 28
29 Utah Denver Utah Utah Phoenix Denver Utah Boston Washington Milwaukee Utah Milwaukee 29
30 Boston Boston Boston Boston Philadelphia Boston Boston Charlotte Utah Boston Boston Boston 30
Actual NBA SI Stein FOX CBS Yahoo Sag’in Hol’ger ProBB HpsWld Bl’cher RPI
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3 Responses to Rankings: Big losers and winners

  1. kingfishNo Gravatar says:

    I can’t put much stock in these power rankings simply because the sample size is way too inefficient to attach any significance to them at this point in the season. This should at least wait until 20 games have been played, one fourth of the season, before any real significance can be drawn.

  2. CarlCRNo Gravatar says:

    I agree with u that we shouldn’t put much stock in these rankings at this time. They show the various authors opinions more than any thing. One of them wrote that this was the toughest thing he had to do.
    I do it now to see the trend and to have some historic data to compare with later. I hope u enjoy the post.

  3. new_skool91No Gravatar says:

    Yeah. The way we are playing, these rankings are too high. I hope we hurry up and get our heads out of our rear-ends and start playing some basketball. Right now these guys in Grizzlies uniforms look like my three year old running around the house naked before taking a bath every night. Who are these guys out on the court?

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