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It appears that O.J. Mayo will not be traded after all. Many trade rumors have been coming up that the Memphis Grizzlies’ shooting guard could be traded ever since he got benched in the favor of Xavier Henry. But Mayo is still getting his minutes.

I was previously talking in a forum with about Mike Dunleavy still becoming the starter despite Brandon Rush is playing much better than him currently. However, I agree with a lot of the forum-posters said: “Starting is overrated.” And that is true. Despite Rush is still on the bench, he gets more minutes than Rush.

But back to the Grizzlies.

Now you see, Mayo may be benched, but I have noticed he is still playing pretty well. Mayo isn’t showing any sign of disappointment or anything. Mayo showed up strong in last night’s 116-111 victory over the Golden State Warriors as they improve to 7-9. Mayo put up 23 points and led the Grizzlies to a solid win. It was his best performance since about three weeks ago. I expect Mayo to perform strong off the bench, and so far, he is.

ESPN’s Marc Stein wrote this:

“I’ve yet to hear conclusively that O.J. Mayo — widely presumed to be on the trading block now that he’s coming off the bench — has actually been made available by the Grizzlies like he was in February when Memphis offered Mayo with Hasheem Thabeet to Golden State in a pitch for Monta Ellis. The stronger suggestion you hear from the personnel grapevine these days is that Mayo is not available.”

Mayo is shooting about 40-percent from the field and is earning more than $4 million this year. He will earn over $5 million next year. Mayo has been playing well. He will get his minutes and he will continue to peform and imrpove on the way.

And soon, he could get the starting job once again.

It just takes time.

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