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Well, well. Look who lost. Kobe lost at the FedEx Forum, just like Lebron did a couple of Saturdays ago.

Did I ever mention that I’m a HUGE underdog guy, and love to see the mighty and haughty fall?

Best thing about this win? The Grizzlies played FAR from their best, and still beat the defending champs.

Just how, one might ask, did that happen??

Dangit, they just did it. Ground it out. And:

-MIIIIIIKE CONLEY!!!! He did that thing that the Grizzlies so often fail to do-made mincemeat of a mismatch. Alliteration is cool. Nothing unusual or “out of the box” for Conley, but still some things that he needs to do more often. He showed tonight that he can come off a high pick either direction and make things happen-being ambidextrous has its advantages-but he’s still growing into his speed. Also illustrated was what is the most important aspect of his game-the outside shot. When he’s able to make opponents play up on him, there are very few of said opponents can keep him in front. When he is shrinking-violet mike conley, nothing’s going to happen except a big mess of Grizzlies all around the free throw circle and a potential turnover.

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