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Hamed Haddadi According to theCommercial Appeal, Grizzlies backup center Hamed Haddadi was arrested on Thanksgiving morning for supposedly choking his girlfriend.

Police were summoned to a downtown apartment building at about 5:35 am and found Goolnaz “Asal” Karbalaeinematmoeeney, rumored to be Haddadi’s girlfriend, bleeding from her head and hand and “extremely intoxicated. She had a cut near her right temple, another on her hand, a black eye nd bruising around her neck. Witnesses claim they say Haddadi choking her.

The exact reason for the altercation is unknown at this time but is was suggested that Haddadi reacted to Asal flirting with another man. Asal told police that Haddadi choked her and shoved her up against a wall. Asal has admitted to talking to another man.

When police questioned Haddadi they claim he had scratch marks on his head and a wound on his hand.

Goolnaz Asal KarbalaeinematmoeeneyHaddadi said the altercation arose after an amorous attempt went awry and Asal fell out of the bed. He claimed she threw a soapdish at him that he blocked and the rebounding soapdish struck her head causing the laceration. Haddadi went on to claim that Asal threw other items at him before locking herself in the bathroom. He was worried she may attempt to hurt herself so he broke down the bathroom door to reach her.

Since the two stories conflicted so radically both parties were arrested. Grizzlies General Manager Chris Wallace made a statement saying he was aware of the situation but no further comments would be made until the legal process has been carried out.

Haddadi has not played very much this season after arriving late to training camp. Since Haddadi never contacted the team about his absence the coaching staff went ahead without him. Haddadi was supposed to battle former #2 pick in the draft Hasheem Thabeet for the backup center position. Rumors were that Haddadi was being divorced in Iran and his Visa application was withheld pending resolution of that situation.

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