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Now that I have your attention I am curious to know has anyone seen Marko Jaric’sfianceAdriana Limaat a Grizzlies game, atthe mallor even in the grocery store? If you have we would like to know where and when.

Not seriously. I understand that Marko and his fiance have a right to privacy and we shouldn’t be exploiting her image on the blog just to get hits (well maybe just a little). What we really want to know is why Marko Jaric can’t get into games this year?

Marko Jaric is 6-7, a smooth passer and a career 34% 3 pt shooter. Memphis is short in the backcourt, isn’t getting a great number of easy looks at the basket and are terrible shooting from beyong the arc. Throw on top of that Quinton Ross’ foot injury and it would seem an ideal time to play the Serbian veteran. Marko isn’t like Antoine Walker with a contract that can be terminated at the end of the year either. He’s going to be getting paid serious money for two more years after this season is over.

The Grizzlies need everything than Jaric has shown himself capable of doing on the court and none of what he can’t. Jaric is never going to be a take his man off the dribble type of player. He has no need to get a certain number of shots. He isn’t selfish and he understands his role is to get the ball in the scorer’s hands. Marko can take open set shots and hit a nice percentage of them. In short he is an unselfish player.

I realize that Memphis is looking to develop their young players and Marko isn’t part of the three year plan but would it hurt that much to put him on the court and help educate the young players about playing unselfishly? Instead of 20 ft jump shots by our big men and over-dribbling by the guards wouldn’t it make sense to allow an experienced player to show them the right way to play?

Beides maybe Adriana and her friends would come watchthe Grizzlies play if her boyfriend was on the court more and that would have to help attendance.

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