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Okay, before we get to this clip of Kevin Durant at Rudy Gay’s Flight 22 Foundation Charity Game, I gotta rant for exactly one paragraph on today’s news that the players rejected the NBA’s latest offer and will head to court to fight it out:

Bad move. I was really hoping that the player reps would at least allow the full union to vote on the deal. Had that happened, it might have gotten voted down, but at least we’d know where the rank and file players stand on it. Honestly, I think it would have passed. I just have this hunch that the players have ratcheted this to a new level without fully understanding how much more complex this whole thing is — how much they’ve turned down, and frankly, that even if they win they may look across a scorched field that used to be NBA fandom and realize that there’s nothing to go back to.

End of rant.

Check out this clip, featuring Kevin Durant at Rudy Gay’s Charity game. He talks about playing in countless exhibition games, a few tidbits about the lockout, etc.

Kevin Durant Talks to 3SOB at Rudy Gay’s Flight 22 Charity Game

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