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Better late than never I suppose.

The NBA players have finally decided to give into their agents demands and have agreed to decertify their own union putting the entire season into greater jepardy than at any time during the lockout.

In a move that smells of lawyers the league did NOT decide to have a vote on decertification however. Instead they chose to issue adisclaimer of interest. What is a disclaimer of interest you ask? It is usually used in situations of inheritances where people don’t want to receive what they are entitled to but that is not what this is. In this case the union is “removing itself as the bargaining unit for the players and converting itself into a trade association.

This should make resolution timelier than a full fledged decertification. To decertify the union the players would have to have a motion to decertify and then wait 30-45 days before a vote could occur. By making the resolution the players can immediately ask for a ruling by the courts on the legality of the lockout. If they win that decision the players could be back to work very soon afterwards.

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