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Buried in a story from the Commercial Appeal today about the Game 4 playoff game between the Grizzlies and Thunder from two years ago, there is mention of Barry Hecker having left the team.

There is no reason given for his departure from the team and apparently all communication with Mr. Hecker is being directed to a law office in Salt Lake City. Hecker’s only comment has been the traditional “No Comment.”

Hecker has been with the Grizzlies, who confirmed his status as “no longer with the team,”  since January 27, 2009. Hecker has over 40 years experience in basketball. He has coached in the China and the International Basketball league.

Hecker began in the NBA as the player personnel director for the Cleveland Cavaliers from 1984-86 where he helped assembled the core of that team with players such as Brad Daugherty and former Grizz shooting instructor Mark Price.

After that he worked 16 years with the Los Angeles Clippers first as director of scouting. He held that position in 1992 when the Clippers made back to back playoff appearances. Backer moved to the bench to be an assistant with Bill Fitch in 1994. He became officially Director of Player Development/Assistant Coach in 1998.

The timing for this mysterious move couldn’t be worse for the Grizzlies as they prepare for Game 4 against the Oklahoma City Thunder today.


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