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I posted a link to this on Twitter (@3SOB) last week when it aired, but it probably deserves a little more attention. As Lee Smith pointed out to me, you know you have made it when the media starts mentioning you in non-basketball ways. Well, this isn’t a completely non-basketball related discussion between ESPN Truehoop’s own Henry Abbot and Kevin Arnovitz, but it definitely strains the boundaries of tying in basketball and politics.

Quick background: Clay Bennett, owner of the Oklahoma City Thunder, is a major contributor to the Republican Party, while Grizzlies’ ownership (Robert Pera, Jason Levien, former Congressman Harold Ford, Jr.) have strong ties to the Democratic Party. Because of this stark difference in political leanings, Arnovitz sees an allegorical relationship between political stereotypes (Conservatives and Liberals) and how both organizations are run — and even how they play in some respects.

Basically, he sees OKC as more buttoned-down and organized, while Memphis is more of a laid-back, free-and-loose kind of franchise. It’s an interesting point, and I think that this discussion is entertaining, if nothing else.

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