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Amazing to be in OKC for Game 5… even more amazing we got the win! I’m on I-40 East headed to Memphis & thought I’d share a couple of non-basketball thoughts about Wednesday night:

First off: OKC & it’s fans are VERY CLASSY. Top to bottom. Very friendly. Might be easy to hate The Clippers and their fans, but OKC? You hate them, you must be a grouch.

Two: The Peake is just as loud & raucous as The Grindhouse. But it IS different. A lot of arenas play the same music & blast T-Shirts into the crowd. Loud City is very buttoned down; Memphis is much looser. All very loud though.

Three: Some say the Thunder enhance the sound in the arena. Don’t know about that, but their equivalent of growl towels are Thunder sticks — little foldable cardboard cutouts that get pretty loud when 18,000 are banging them in unison.

Fourth: Before the national anthem, everyone stood and bowed their heads for the invocation. Never saw that at the Grindhouse.

Fifth: Met Zach Randolph’s mom & stepfather! Look for a video clip coming soon….

Sixth: Speaking of Zach, on his way to the locker room, I heard him casually complaining about missing those late free throws: “I was making free throws ALL NIGHT! All night! Man….”

Seventh: Tony Allen wasn’t complaining on his way to the locker room. Before I even saw him I heard him shouting in the Hallway: “Grit & Grind! Let’s go!!! GRIT & GRIND M—–F—-R!!!!!” he yelled while sprinting down the hallway….

Got a few days before (can’t believe I’m typing this) THE WESTERN CONFERENCE FINALS…. Look for some cool video from Game 5 in the meantime…. Go Grizz!!!!

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