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rudy-gay-300x350I have a buddy who lives in L.A. He’s a Lakers fan, but LOVES to torment me about how my team “ain’t gonna make it — thus reinforcing my opinion: I actually like the Lakers as a team; but Lakers FANS get on my last damn nerve sometimes.

Anyway, he’s not a Clippers fan, but he called me the other day to ask me if I missed Rudy Gay, now that the Grizzlies are down 0-2 in the first round series. I replied calmly: No. I had a couple of reasons, the same reasons I gave when the team traded him: He wasn’t consistent; the offense bogged down when he would go 1 on 1; and perhaps most importantly, I can’t recall the last time Rudy Gay “took over a game” — say for instance like one little dude who nailed three key buckets including the game winner on Monday night.

Rudy is a very good player, and has shown he can hit a game winner, but in terms of being an “impose his will” kind of guy, as much as I like him and his game, he hasn’t shown that yet. Maybe he will in Toronto.

So with the Grizzlies struggling in the first two games, it was just a matter of time before pundits pulled the trade out and started analyzing it again. And it’s nice to see it happen among the ESPN Countdown crew.

What Bill Simmons is saying (and I get it) is that Rudy wasn’t that efficient, and though he had the reputation of maybe going for a big game, he hadn’t really actually done it much. What Jalen, Magic and Wilbon are saying is that just Rudy’s presence on the floor would open things up for the team in the playoffs — and of course, having Rudy’s production too.

For the record, I disagree that the Grizzlies don’t have a “guy who can get his own shot.” Mike Conley blew by Chris Paul so many times, even Chris Paul had to acknowledge it after Game 2. Maybe, this is the postseason where Mike establishes himself as that playoff “get his own shot” guy. But agreed: Right now, he is not perceived as a scoring threat. That’s just my two cents.

Your turn to vote, fans. Just for kicks: Do you wish Rudy Gay had suited up in Beale St. Blue this post season? Answer the Poll, then add your comments below . . .

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3 Responses to Do You Miss Rudy Gay?

  1. wattleseedNo Gravatar says:

    We do need a player that can fill it up offensively, but I don’t think Rudy Gay is that guy. Our team is a great defensive squad and very fun to watch a lot of the times, but our best scoring option as of late has been Jeryd Bayless.

    I agree that Mike Conley is turning into a guy that can create and make his own shots. To be honest, aside from the elites, I think it would be hard to name a player that has improved more over the last three seasons than Mike Conley.

    We should also get the ball to Marc Gasol much more than we do, but that’s for a different argument.

    One thing that we have been lacking is a legitimate scoring threat on the perimeter night in and night out. Did we lose a scorer when we lost Rudy Gay? Sure. But was he the type of guy I mentioned in the former sentence? No, of course not.

    We don’t miss Rudy. We miss something we didn’t have in the first place.

  2. btrautscNo Gravatar says:

    I love our team. I’m a huge fan of our attitude, the hustle, the grind. I’m still very hopeful for this playoff series and the future of this core team.

    But offensively, we are a mess. Zach is no longer ZBo. He can’t jump (at all). He looks like is laboring every play. And I love the guy. But It’s tough to watch.
    Marc & Mike have established themselves as being legitimate offensive & defensive players. Tony Allen is wildly exciting, wildly frustrating, and consistently inconsistent.
    Tayshaun can disappear for longer stretches than Rudy. At times if Jerryd Bayless isn’t in the game, it very seriously looks like there is no one interested in scoring.

    None of that is trade related. It is long term Grizzlies Franchise success related. We have 3 big contracts, Zach (2yrs/ $34M), Marc (2yrs/ $30M), Conley (3yrs/ $26M).

    Tayshaun makes another $7M next year. Other contributors/ potentially valuable players are Ed Davis ($3M), Bayless ($3M), DA ($3M), Quincy ($2M).

    We have no 1st Round picks in the draft this year. We have serious questions to answer this summer on how we will continue to compete in a rising West.

    It’s tough to say, but I’m not sure many teams would trade for Zach (17.9 PER/ 15ppg/ 11rbs) right now at 31, being paid $17.8 Mil next year.

    You won’t be getting a discount unless trade for Garnett (19.2/15/8), Nowitzki (19.8/17/7), P Gasol (16.7/14/9), Stoudemire (22/14/5), Chris Bosh (20/17/7)…

    The guy is still putting up great numbers 15/11 with a high PER, and incredible heart, but how much longer can it last?

  3. btrautscNo Gravatar says:

    So this comment makes less sense post game 3

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