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Sports have a strange way of bringing people together, instilling a greater sense of community, and inspiring people towards a greater good. Whether it is the New Orleans Saints after Hurricane Katrina, New York sports after 9/11, or Boston Bruins’ fans singing the national anthem after the recent terrorist attacks, sports have a magnetism that is almost indescribable.

I have been involved with this town for a quarter of a century now, and it has been a rare occurrence to experience the sense of excitement that the Grizzlies are currently generating. Some might say the Tigers in 2008, and yes, that was great…but it isn’t this. It didn’t really take place here, on our turf… It wasn’t Beale Street, it wasn’t a packed house at the Forum chanting “Whoop That Trick”, it wasn’t a madhouse downtown — driving revenue for small business, and it certainly didn’t have the feel of togetherness that this does.

(Photo by Lance Murphy/AP)

Memphis is a diverse town with a rich history — some good, some bad. This playoff run, wherever it ends up, has given us the unique opportunity to come together. To root for the same cause. To get behind the Grizzlies as a city. Not just the executives, or lawyers, or doctors. Not just the janitors, or minimum wage employees, or laborers… Everyone. Black, White. Men, Women. Straight, Gay. Old, Young. Everyone.

As with many things in life, with every opportunity comes a sense of responsibility. Memphis needs to keep this going. Memphis needs to continue taking steps in the right direction. Get out and support local businesses, leave a great tip, drop a buck for the street performers, high-five someone you’ve never met. There are certain things that made Memphis years ago, and these are the things that will help bring it back. As a blue collar town, it doesn’t get much better than: Grit & Grind and Believe Memphis. Let’s Go Grizz!

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    Spurs in 5

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