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Wow. What I would have given to be at Staples tonight…to see what was at times a pretty poor game.

But putting up with a pretty poor game would have been made just fine by that result. Game seven time baby.

Kinda odd for such a huge game, but the stats, as many times, tell the story….It wasn’t just about stats, it was about a ZACH RANDOLPH DUNK!! YAAAAAA!!!!

I’m a bit giddy-ish.

Just rewatched that first possession of the third, where ZBo hit that stepback over Fake-that was a ZBo classic as well.

On to the numbers that mattered:

-Gasol, Gay, and Randolph were the only Grizzlies with double-digit attempts. Balance. Not Rudy Gay’s best game, but he had a couple BIG baskets (a bit more on that later).

-20 to 7. That’s turnovers, folks. The Grizzlies with 13 in the first half and TWENTY for the game. Insane. Even more insane, the Clippers with a very CP3-esque seven for the match. Conley with an uncharacteristic 4 TO’s, but he was still able to get over that 2:1 ast/to number, with nine nice dimes. Thirteen steals for the Clippers, which tells us that the Floppers played the passing lanes well and pressured the ball nicely. Takin’ a page out of the Griz book wasn’t enough, though.

-48 to 32. That, ladies and gentlemen, is the rebounding tally for the game. A ginormous (my computer,BTW, did not try to spell-correct that word. Weird.) margin, which is perhaps the easiest way to tell that the Grizzlies were hungry. Hungry bears they were (and still are, I’m quite sure). Positioning? Sure. Energy? Sure. Physicality? Sure.  Randolph? Sure. All the elements were there. Interestingly, only one player from each team with at least ten. Strange.

Ok. Now to the number that REALLY mattered-FOUR. As in, fourth quarter. Here’s the game-within-game of the fourth:

-Floppers rattled by the whistle. The and-one for Rudy, CP3 fouling out (and then whining about it succinctly post-game). The little-kid-jumping-up-and-down by Blakie-poo in the final minute was just priceless.

-The Grizzlies going down by eight and then going on a 10-0 run. RESILIENCE. And the redemptive Rudy and-one comes up again, as it was the capper basket on that run. Effort and belief from #22, a guy who’s been (sometimes rightly) much maligned over the series.

-ZBo with 7 and 7 in the quarter, even with KMart acting a fool in his face about forcing the jump ball. VINTAGE playoff Zach Randolph….except that three off the aforementioned jump ball. He, like the rest of the Grizzlies, flipped the switch in that fourth quarter….until he missed about a zillion FT’s. He was as sheepish as we’ve ever seen him about it too-he knew that if the team had lost, those two consecutive misses would have been the reason.

Quick question-is CP hypercompetitive or a sore loser? Both? Ok, that’s what I thought. He’s also an amazing player.

-Did Lionel give in to the #freetonyallen hashtag? It’s not like TA was doing anything that he doesn’t do in any other fourth quarter. What does plus/minus mean? ZILCH. However, it does “bear” mentioning that TA led the team with a +12. Chasing fools around like the madman he is on D, and even taking the ball to the hoop some, in classic “OH NO DON’T TONY” style.

-Some welcome clutchness from Conley on that final play, knowing just when to throw the ball into the air towards a teammate, not risking more missed FT’s and another possible Clipper miracle win.

I hope that FedEx Forum is up to seismic standards, ‘cuz that place is going to be SHAKING Sunday.


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13 Responses to SEE YOU SUNDAY!!!! Grizzlies FINALLY Grit and GRIND A FOURTH QUARTER!

  1. Anthony MorrisonNo Gravatar says:

    2 weeks ago I was dreaming of a 7th game in Memphis. Thanks largely to ZBo and Marc stepping up like we needed them to, it’s looking like a bit more than just another Mother’s Day in Memphis Sunday. Go Grizz!!!!

  2. stevedNo Gravatar says:

    I was really pleased with Hamed’s 3 mins. Really pissed off Evans with his offensive rebound and put-back.

  3. AussieGNo Gravatar says:


    Bring on game 7, and let this series be forgotten as a bad memory (the early games and close losses that is).

  4. Edward Meiers (blubomber17)No Gravatar says:

    I’m so thrilled with this game. Game 7 is going to be nuts. #SeeYouSunday

  5. PatrickNo Gravatar says:

    I was at the game tonight. The whole crowd looked tense and afraid. Not anywhere near grindhouse standards. Also, it is worth noting that Zbo popped his jersey at Clippers fans and danced his way down the tunnel at the end. Classic Grizz victory. Love it.

  6. presidentjoeNo Gravatar says:

    Zbo for Mayor! What a gutsy game. Loved how JVG kept questioning the behavior and attitude of Flake and the Flippers. They also played that radio interview w/ Zbo about how co3 made them a better flopping squad. Priceless. Reggie Evans had the flop of the night. Flake with the diaper award. A series like this is what having a NBA franchise is all about.

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  8. PatrickNo Gravatar says:

    I also want to let everyone in Memphis know, that at halftime, the Beale Street Flippers performed for the crowd while wearing Clippers t-shirts. Never give them any money again. I know I won’t.

  9. Larry HarrisNo Gravatar says:

    It is time for the Griz to put their feet on the necks of this West Coast team. I will not embarrass anyone by making jokes about injured and theatrical people, but it is time for Memphis players to take up the theme of John Wayne’s “True Grit” and administer the coup de gras (how’s all that for mixed metaphors?) and get on with the next round. But please do protect the 3-point line!!!!!!

  10. OinkyNo Gravatar says:

    It was hard to hold back a tear when they caught the audio of Hollins consoling OJ. That was a historic moment for this franchise. Hollins has seen it all from the beginning in Vancouver, he is truly a great NBA Coach, god bless him.

  11. GrizzliesDieHardNo Gravatar says:


    The Brake St. Flippers perform all over the country at various NBA games as do the Kings of the Court.. They’re a traveling act you idiot… Most of those guys aren’t actually flipping on Beale St, as they’re a combination of dancers, jookers, and flippers. If you pay me to travel to LA and perform I will wear what you want.

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