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This is cute…..

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2 Responses to Presbyterian Day School Believes…

  1. Chris FaulknerNo Gravatar says:

    I’m just really happy that Memphis now has a youth movement that is interested in, excited about and supports our local pro team.

    You think the adults that have been Grizz fans for 10 years get intense at the games? Just wait until these mini-Grizz spend their entire teenage years rooting for the Grit n Grind and then start going to games. Twill be ravenous.

    • ChipNo Gravatar says:

      Good point Chris. The adults are still manic about the Tigers, the team they cheered for as children, but the youth movement has begun to indoctrinate the youth of the city as Grizzlies fans.

      I hope the team will remain in Memphis long enough for that spirit to mature.

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