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I don’t know which was worse the Game 1 letdown or the Game 7 fiasco. Both games left me dazed — didn’t really want to do much in the way of posting on the blog, let alone editing video. That’s why this post is coming today and not yesterday. Better late than never, I suppose.

Mood in the locker room was, as you might imagine, somber. Gilbert Arenas seems to teleport out of the place — he doesn’t stick around at all. But you can tell the guys were hurting. Marc seemed on the edge of tears while giving his interview. Mike Conley mentioned that he had a fever that morning before the game. Don’t think for a second that these guys didn’t want to win the game, that it didn’t matter. The game was a stinker for sure. But if anyone asks me if I think they left it on the floor all season, I’d have to say a resounding yes.

More good stuff coming here at as the Grizz prepare for the draft. In the meantime . . . closing thoughts from some of your favorite Grizzlies players:

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    Please keep the content coming! I still check the site everyday …. can’t get enough Griz.

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