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Well, that’s how it goes when you don’t play as hard as the other team.

It’s really quite simple how this happened…

The Clippers wanted it more. That could be the end, but I’ll expound on it a bit.

-Horrendous shooting. Were these guys rattled by the big stage after being on it (and an even bigger one) last season? Sure seemed it, especially the backcourt. Mayo/Conley/Allen/Arenas a combined..wait for it…6-for-33 from the field. WOW. I’m sort of led to wonder if VDN was watching NBATV the other night when Almighty Flopper Kevin Martin was on as a guest and revealed the “big secret” about how the Rockets had such success against the Griz all season-by packing the paint. When you do that, you beat the Grizzlies. The end. With a couple minor exceptions, the Grizzlies were not able to execute inside at all this game. They just didn’t play like they thought they could win, even after coming back to only be down one at the half after being down ten earlier in the 2nd.

-Fatigue. Gasol and Conley, in particular, have been banged up and still playing a lot of minutes over the last month or so. However, in the biggest game of these young players’ lives, they should have been able to reach deeper than they ever have. Maybe they did, maybe they didn’t-but it wasn’t enough, whatever it was or wasn’t. Mayo, Arenas, Pargo, Selby. DANG IT GREIVIS WHY DID YOU HAVE TO HELP OFF HARDEN IN THAT TRIPLE OVERTIME GAME????? It not only lost us that game, but this series.

-I’m going way out here, but I’m gonna use the words “hubris” and “Hollins” in the same sentence. Subbing by the seat of the pants might be ok (kinda seems more fun than the Hubie “programmed” sub patterns), but not as in the game where he was WAY too conservative with Gasol’s foul trouble, and this game where he left ZBo on the bench for an inordinately long time in the fourth quarter when the team needed offense in the worst way.  By doing the thing that many coaches do in the playoffs-tightening the rotation-Hollins left out Cunningham for all practical purposes, and he was KEY to many Griz wins over the course of the season. By many accounts, the lack of D by GV last season drove Hollins to push for him to be traded, and Pargo had evidently been given a promise at some point. That did not work out well at all. Joerger is possibly gone, as he has been mentioned as a candidate for the Bobcats job and has interviewed for other jobs in the past….and I’m inclined to think that he’s the only one that gets Hollins’ ear with regularity.  Does Lionel operate with *too much* autonomy? One of the many questions for the Grizzlies’ offseason.

Watch this space for many discontented pontifications regarding what will be a very interesting summer for the Grizzlies..

oh, and also, bye OJ. We’ve enjoyed your company.

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32 Responses to Fourth Quarter Again Proves Costly for Grizzlies-This Time Terminal

  1. JmanonbassNo Gravatar says:

    Now maybe they will finally address pg defense and outside shooting.

  2. NotMrHeisleyNo Gravatar says:

    multiple shot-clock violations, THREE 5-second violations in the series, bad substitutions, no adjustments… players win regular season games, coaches win playoff games. Lionel Hollins is a great person. He is not a quality NBA coach. not even close. How do you have an in-bounds 5-second violation in the playoffs?! how do you have 3?! i cant get over it.

    so many were trumpeting hollins’ effort last year, because he was able to win without one of his marquee players. i say, NO. a lucky coach wins with one of his integral players out. a great coach is able to win with his entire cast intact. a great coach knows how to use gay, z-bo and conley when they are all at his disposal. why pay these 3 guys 8 figures when u dont have a coach who knows how to integrate them? it’s like buying 3 sports cars and trusting your toddler to maintain them.

    a coach that doesn’t know what he is doing lets his pg dribble-dribble-dribble for half of every possession. look at every single play in every single game in this series. conley takes the ball, dribbles for more than half the shot-clock, and puts his team at a detriment to hurry a shot. not to mention he is a dam liability on defense the majority of the time. let arenas play for more than 3 minutes, he has experience and is a heady player. why such a short leash?

    same with haddidi? it’s obvious hollins has something against him. thabeet played ahead of hamed for 1.5 seasons. that’s all you need to know. everytime he’s in the dam game he is productive. one mistake and he’s out. he was the only one who stymied evans. if we utilized hh more this season, we would’ve have a gassed Gasol. he was fatigued during the last 1/4 of the season, and this entire series.

    most rookie nba coaches surround themselves with assistant coaches who know either as much or more than them, and with an anchor who has been a head coach and has more experience. hollins had damon stoudamire last season, henry bibby and some guys who have no idea what nba coaching is.

    avery johnson? rookie coaching year in dallas, he had del harris. former lakers coach. mark jackson? Michael Malone and Pete Myers. Hollins? do you even know who his asst coaches are???

    new coach, new point guard. let’s get it done.

    • GrizzFanNo Gravatar says:

      You didn’t watch the series I guess because Conley actually passed the ball instead of dribbling and dribbling. He stepped it up. The whole Haddadi thing is stupid he played horrible today, that is why he sits on the bench. This team really missed Arthur and should have never traded Vasquez. Lockout is the only thing to blame for this season. I would have Hollins over every other Grizzlies coach. He knows what it takes to win.

  3. sad manNo Gravatar says:

    joke front office
    Traded greivis when we replaced him with no backup pg

    • NotMrHeisleyNo Gravatar says:

      JOKE coach, good front office. and haddadi had one bad turnover. he can do a satisfactory job spelling gasol. but with hollins, it seems like he was verbally abused or emotionally beaten by every coach he ever had as a player, because he takes it out on his players but harboring such a short leash. one turnover and arenas is out. one turnover and haddadi is out. they never play, how do you expect perfection when you put them in for 2-3 minutes??? and since he loves speights so much, why not continue to bring zbo off the bench and start mo?? why put in haddadi and gasol in the game simultaneously in the 4th quarter as an experiment? an experiment in the 4th quarter lol of GAME 7?????

  4. HartNo Gravatar says:

    Hated to see this one slip away, but those boys just didn’t put enough Guts into the Grit & Grind. There was no ball movement and too many players were standing around on offense when they didn’t have the ball. That OJ steal pretty much shows where these guys were in this game … somewhere else. And that may be where some of them are when the next season rolls around.

    I really enjoyed following the Grizz during the regular season, but this was a painful series to watch. I prefer getting beaten to losing, but the Grizz went out and lost this one.

    It will be interesting to see what happens to Gay, Arthur, Speights & the rest of the free agents. I feel confident the Grizz will be able field a competitive team again this fall.

    Question now is “Do I even bother following NBA playoffs?” Might be nice to watch Pop’s boys dismantle this hodge podge Clipper Crew.

  5. GotBearsNo Gravatar says:

    just what I was thinking…I hate we lost, but I’m exhausted emotionally (I almost think I wanted it for them worse than they wanted it for themselves!) Anyway, in a never-ending quest to see the glass as half-full, I think it might be amusing to watch Chris, Blake, et al trying to out-flop and out-complain Manu and Timmy. Let the 2nd round begin and may the best drama queens win! See y’all in October. Go Griz!

  6. OinkyNo Gravatar says:

    looking forward to the draft. would like to see us go get Dion Waiters or Doran Lamb.

  7. GrizzFanNo Gravatar says:

    I’m happy this season is over. If there was never a lockout I think the Grizzlies would have been better especially with Arthur. Get rid of O.J. he just showed why we don’t need him. The reason we lost this series is because we didnt have arthur. You can’t trust speights and dante to bring it every night. Arthur would have brought it and matched Griffin.

    • HooikidNo Gravatar says:

      that is so true, I thought OJ was gonna step in this game but he shot 1/11!!! I was also a little bit disappointed in rudy gay not attempting to make shots i mean he attempted 2 shots and was 0/2 in the 4th quarter maybe he’s tired i dunno but even so the bench should’ve stepped up i mean..the reason why the clippers won is that their bench gave a huge boost. The memphis bench are just as good as the clippers and they didn’t show up at all!!!! if the grizz bench stepped up they probably would’ve won this game!

  8. GrizzFanNo Gravatar says:

    Can’t blame Hollins for them losing this either. He is a good coach. I think this series will be in there mind this whole off season and they will come back next year wanting revenge. This series loss was a good thing. If we could ever stay healthy we would be a dangerous team. Next year we will have home court again. This team is too good. I give a lot of credit to Mike Conley. He stepped it up this series. He played hard every game. I thought Gay stepped it up in the last 3 games. This team will come back next year and make the WCF.

    • NotMrHeisleyNo Gravatar says:

      this comment lol is either chris wallace himself or mike conley, sr. did you see rudy gay’s face every time he was substituted out? did you see zbo when he was on the bench in crunch time? ask the players, they do not want hollins back. I GUARANTEE IT. btw, hollins is the one who supplanted kyle lowry with conley… who would u rather have had this season, minus the injury to lowry?

      and conley “playing hard every game” is conley doing his job as a professional basketball player. kudos to you, conley, you dribble half the ticks of every possession away, but golly, you sure played hard. haha

      • GrizzFanNo Gravatar says:

        He was the only player that showed up for the Grizz every game this series. I am happy with Hollins. You obviously are a bandwagon fan because I would rather have Hollins over Marc Iveroni.

        • NotMrHeisleyNo Gravatar says:

          no one said anything about iavaroni, chris. that’s like comparing rats to mice. please pay attention to the games. mike conley couldn’t guard vinny del negro. he is the worst liability on defense, the most of any pg in the playoffs. do you disagree? he cant guard paul, he cant guard foye, he cant guard bledsoe. and his only job in game was to feed the post and initiate the offense through the big men.

          instead, he takes the ball, dribbles until there are 10-14 seconds on the shot-clock, and either takes a bad shot, commits a turnover, or puts the the pass-receiving player at a detriment because of the little time remaining on the shot clock and the position he is in, which is usually the 3-point line. EVERY SINGLE PLAY. that’s why oj, marc, rudy and zbo have to play iso/one-on-one basketball half the time. he doesn’t facilitate the play. he just dribbles. PLEASE, just watch a replay of the game. no one can disagree.

          and it might not be his fault. his coach doesn’t recognize his propensity to over-dribble and not initiate some sort of offensive system.

          he is SO bad, it’s not even funny. Only thing he has working for him? he is a lefty. and he is confident as heck.

          • GrizzFanNo Gravatar says:

            That was how Conley played before the playoffs if you look how he played this series he hit shots when the team needed him too and he fed Gasol and Randolph. That is all he needed to do and he didn’t turn the ball over.

          • GrizzFanNo Gravatar says:

            And how is it comparing rats to mice. Ivaroni had Pau, Lowery, and Gay and couldn’t do anything. Hollins has changed the team record each year and actually making the playoffs. Leading the league in Points in the paint and opponents turnovers is a big change. That is a big difference. Conley was horrible with Ivaroni, he has improved a lot. Quit being negative, if you were a “real” grizzlies fan you would be happy where the team is now instead of being in the lottery each year.

  9. Matt AndersonNo Gravatar says:

    Go Clips, go ahead and be bitter. Enjoy your VACATIONNN. Lionel Hollins can’t force them to play like they want it. CLIPPER NATION

  10. Anthony MorrisonNo Gravatar says:

    We’ve come a long way from the “let’s just win one playoff game” mentality of a year ago. It’s cool that we now need to figure in playoff tickets into our annual family budgets. I’m thrilled that people are now pissed that we lost game 7 of the first round of the playoffs. I have confidence that the management team that has changed our culture/expectations will make the right moves and that our team will continue to grow and flourish. I wish next season started tomorrow. Go Grizz!

    • GrizzFanNo Gravatar says:

      This team is built for seasons to come. The lockout messed this season up. They are going to have this in their head every time they practice this off season. They will be hungry next year

  11. presidentjoeNo Gravatar says:

    I think the 4th quarter meltdowns were a result of them playing too many minutes over the course of the season. Looking back at it not having a true backup pg was huge. Oj played like he knew he had no future with the team and wanted to finally get traded for real.
    Rudy was just okay the whole series. You would want much more from the franchise player.

  12. AussieGNo Gravatar says:

    I didn’t enjoy watching this game.. it’s okay to lose, especially in the playoffs, sometimes it’s for the best, as the Spurs would have been tough, but I would have liked a more enjoyable game.

    Hated the offense, it was horrible. Couldn’t believe it was game 7 of a playoff game. Offensively it seemed the only player who showed up was Marc Gasol.

  13. JoelNo Gravatar says:

    yeah, I had a bad feeling when I walked into the Forum, Like the feeling I had during game 1. this off season we NEED to get our hands on a shooter, preferably one who can play D, but a solid role player who can shoot 3’s consistantly. Being able to spread out the floor would make us a VERY dangerous team, especially with Marc and Z-BO running that big to big High-Low kind of set.

    #1 we need a Legit Backup PG, not to bash on Selby, Pargo or even Agent X but we need someone who is a good player in his own right, not one who can try to keep things running long enough to get Mike a 4 Min breather. Maybe Arenas can be that, but I did not see much from him this season, granted he did not get in all that much. I mean think about the Clips, they have Mo Williams as a backup, A FREAKING STARTING CALIBER PG AS A BACKUP!, we might not be able to attract a player like Mo Williams, but we can get a solid backup, there are plenty of PG out there who can put up good numbers as a reserve.

    #2 THREE POINT SHOOTING!! as a former ball player, and 3 point Specialist, I cant stress how much a 3 point shooter would help us out. Im not talking a player who can hit threes every once in a while, im talking a player that when he has the ball at the three, the opposing team and fans go…..Oh CRAP! being able to spread the floor would take the Grizz to a whole different level, Work a High-Low, possible Dish to an open corner for 3. Get Rudy or Mike on a Drive, Throw it to the wing or a corner for a 3 when the D collapses, it would be a thing of Beauty.

    #3 is DEFENSE!! DEEEEEFENSE! While we are looking for a Back up for Mike, we should be looking for someone who can force Turnovers, and in general, depending on who we lose this summer, we need to keep an eye out for Gritty D players who can add some points, not a lot, but 6-10 pts would be fantastic.

    #4 We might want to keep an eye out for Some freak Athletes, a player with serious spring in his step who goes all out the whole time. Ken Faried of the Nuggets comes to mind. Having another Athlete on the team can always help

    I would really like to keep Mo Speights around, he was a hard worker and did a great job in place of Z-BO. but I have a feeling he will be paid a bit over his worth this off season, kind of like OJ. OJ is a good player, but he obviously wants to go somewhere he will start, which is fine with me.

    All in all I think our team needs to focus on A backup PG of worth, An outside threat or two if we can get them, and scrappy players who will give it their all ever time out. We had a good season, disappointing playoff run, but think about it Grizz fans! WE ACTUALLY EXPECTED MORE FROM THIS TEAM! they gave us something to believe in and we are on the upswing!

    BE PROUD MEMPHIS! Our team is going to be fine, so long as we get things taken care of this summer. GO GRIZZ!! See y’all this fall!

    And if any of the Grizz Staff or Players happen to see this, Thank you for a great season, Memphis has a team to Believe in thanks to you, and I look forward to the Upcoming season!

  14. ReginaldNo Gravatar says:

    Fair or unfair but Hollins and the team will be under fire this summer. West is wide open this season. The team was nervous but from what was showed on TV, Hollins was trying to calm them down. Unfortunately, he can’t shoot for them. The Clippers just wanted it more. Their bench players just outplayed everybody on the floor! Bledsoe, Young, Kmart and Evans looked GREAT.
    But back to the Grizz, you CAN’T lose a 27 point lead in the 4th at home. You CAN’T lose 2 games at home either! The guards had played great throughout the series but had their first off game, Conley specifically. He went toe to toe with CP3 for 6 games, which I didn’t expect him to do. He had an off day in #7. Rudy played big in game 7 but didn’t see the ball in the 4th. I think Hollins cost the team at least 2 wins with his coaching decisions. He made the games much tougher than they had to be as well. Him starting ZBo over Mo for the playoffs just to make ZBo happy wasn’t a good move either. Grizz were in a rhythm and it wasn’t a bball decision. Lots of film and growth to be made over the summer. Gonna lose a few players as well. I think the Grizz should do what they can to bring Speights and Arthur back.

  15. EvanNo Gravatar says:

    Game 7 was horrible, but I still love the hell out of this team and can’t wait until next season. Definitely excited to see what moves are made over the summer, as well.


  16. GrizRebNo Gravatar says:

    I still can’t believe we let this series slip away. The team that wanted it the most won, the Clippers consistently fought and clawed and beat us at our own game. I’m not sure what happened to the Griz but there were definitely a combination of bad coaching decisions, poor play, and lack of effort that ultimately sealed their fate. I am very disappointed but I was somewhat prepared for this after the massive collapse in game 1. I hope we actually address our issues of a back up PG and a true lights out shooter this off season.

  17. MSF10710No Gravatar says:

    Was Mike Conley really suffering from flu-like symptoms? Can anyone confirm that Twitterverse rumor?

    A really sad end to a surprisingly good season. Yesterday, everything just seemed off; even the crowd wasn’t as hyped up as in previous games. I’m still irked the Clippers enjoyed our misery so much, as evidenced by the comments in the CA; what rotten sportsmanship.

    I loved the regular season enough to become a season ticket holder though, so I’m excited to see what happens next season. See you in October!

  18. boNo Gravatar says:

    so many comments, i can’t/won’t read them all, just yet
    my observations, after watching nearly every game ( from home) and trying to watch as a coach not just a fan:
    1. great that we expect a playoff winning team
    2. not sure we woulda been as tough WITHOUT hollins approach
    3. losing vasquz may have cost us one game, and i wish he were still here, but we did qualify for home court seed without him…
    4.we lost 2 games by one point and one in OT. ONE TIMELY BASKET IN ANY OF THOSE 3 GAMES AND WE ARE PLAYING INROUND 2

    5. outside shooting has not been our strength all year, so we can’t complain about it now
    6. i am also totally puzzled on not playing haddadi more…..
    especially at home when he ignites the crowd. and he was on court and made big plays in game 6 when we came from behind
    7. standing around on offense , no ball movement, no player movement, nothing but isolations or high p-n-r with conley ending up farther from the basket than he started or a big man way out on wing with shot clock expiring…….well, my sons and i do better than that in the backyard or in pick-up games…..
    8. tremendous grit and grind and defense all year.
    fabulous year. i’m glad that everyone is made about the way the year ended…….
    9. where was dante ingame 7?? finally left TA in game more.
    sub pattern was bewildering…..
    10. i will take credit in telling everyone i know ( but didn’t leave any tags/posts on line anywhere to verify my statement) that this series was TOO CLOSE TO CALL.
    and it was. one OT and 3 other games decided by 2 points or less……
    11. maybe OJ’s free agent value dropped enough for us to keep him…..his defense was markedly improved. he can’t play PG against a really good defender. otherwise i like the way he split double teams on the p-n-r , which conley NEVER did…..
    12. oh well, at least baseball season is full swing…

  19. germommahNo Gravatar says:

    Karma is a bitch Memphis fans. Thanks for booing and injured BG giving my Clips extra motivation to hurt you bad in game 7. Really – you’ve done a whole lot for us here at Clipper Nation.

    Trade Z-Bo to the Lakers because his thug cheap shot giving ass belongs there with that World Peace and Bynum.

    Stay classy Memphis.


    • EvanNo Gravatar says:

      You display your own lack of class with that post, sir.

    • JoelNo Gravatar says:

      Enjoy the Spurs series! it will be fun to see who can out flop eachother, Manu and Tony Parker, or Blake and Chris paul. Also, thank you for posting such negative and down right rude lil snippet, it shows everyone how NOT to act as a fan. Last year when the Thunder took out the Grizz, I congratulated the Thunder fans, it was a rough series but everything was fairly Civil. At least we can tell who has good fans, and who has foul mouthed, immature fans. best of luck in the playoffs, I hope you guys get a win in the series, otherwise the amount of Flack you clips fans will get is going to be off the charts.

  20. davidNo Gravatar says:

    And you keep flopping like a bunch of drama queens, clippers

  21. GrizzdocNo Gravatar says:

    This one hurt badly, but I finally have been able to step back and look at this in greater perspective, resulting in calm being restored in my household. A few quick thoughts:

    –I too was very frustrated with the play of Rudy Gay. Up and down is an understatement, but what bothered me the most was his ball handling, needless turnovers, and missed defensive assignments. I am willing to cut him some slack because it was his very first playoff series. Many greater players have failed in the postseason before finally achieving their ultimate goal.

    –you guys hit the nail on the head with the Conley backup situation. I loved Greivis, but he’s gone and there’s nothing we can do about that. Selby has promise, but he needs a lot of time. I know that Andre Miller is a free agent; I wonder what it would take to sign him, because he would add much needed stability and potency to our rotation.

    –a few months ago, I cringed at the thought of seeing OJ leave. Now, not so much.

    –remember gm 1. If we don’t blow that lead, we win this in 6 gms.

    –If we won the series, we would then probably lose to the Spurs, who would most likely have made us look terribly inept, and the postmortem may have been even more severe and intense. Maybe this is indeed a blessing in disguise.

    Remember, we finished a season with our best ever winning percentage sans Z-Bo and Arthur, and got our first #4 seed. Things will continue to go well for us. After the game, my 7 yr old son asked me when opening day was for the Grizzlies’ next season; stay positive!

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